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Lose Weight Quickly Diets : Metabolic Diet

Updated on October 14, 2011

To catch the top lose weight quickly diets that make getting the weight you always dreamed of a breathe, quick and easy, you should stop the distraction about the so many claims and hypes right now, and start to have a new mindset about evaluation of the best approach to quick weight loss, i.e. metabolic diets.

If you've decided to shed your extra weight and started searching weight loss diets online, you've certainly been confused about the right mechanism of weight loss, and the extent you can expect to reach by following the fad over hyped diets with their incredibly unrealistic promises.

We will introduce to you the top 3 lose weight quickly diets, based on their effect on your metabolism, as well as the feed back of so many people worldwide about how these diets, have helped them to get the slim healthy body they were after permanently, regardless of how many extra-pounds they had when they started off.

Their results are close and your choice will be based on, which one of them will better suit your lifestyle and your personal preferences to get the quick weight loss results you want.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Fat loss 4 Idiots is an accelerated fat burning program that is based on calorie shifting to lose weight quickly. Calorie shifting is simply rotating the food categories included in the meals we eat (carbohydrates, protein and fat), in other words changing the calories source which effectively tricks the body into burning more calories.

It is a lose weight quickly diet program that provides step by step guidelines on what foods to eat and precisely when to eat for 11 days, then you are free for 3 days. This way will let you achieve fast weight loss.

You will have a menu generator that offer you your preferred foods, through producing customized menu of a vegetarian or a regular diet plan according to your choice. No disliked foods and undersized amounts either.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is ideal for picky eaters who are looking for a flexible, easy to lose weight quickly diet plan that easily fits into their current lifestyle.

Fat Burning Furnace

As the name implies this weight loss diet is designed to keep your metabolism quick and fast, and since the metabolism is concerned about the energy balance, thus keeping it yielding energy will result in quick burning of fat.

This weight loss program deals with both nutrition and workouts. The diet section outlines the best and worst foods you can eat to keep your metabolism running to produce energy fast and deplete fat stores. There are 15 foods of good and bad categories. There is also a plenty of recipes you can get from the official website.

The workouts are designed to raise the metabolic rate and to fit into a busy schedule, so they are short but intense. They use only hand weights and they take about 20 minutes per day, 3 times per week to complete. You can watch photos showing you exactly how to do exercises.

Fat burning furnace is best for people who do not like to strenuously exercise every day or for hours at a time to lose weight fast and firm their body to feel and look slim and sexy for life. It will easily fit into the lifestyle of people who have a busy schedule.

The Diet Solution Program

Although this diet program involves both nutrition and workouts, yet its diet part is the best concerning losing weight quickly, since it fits into the metabolic type of each individual as it is determined by his genetics.

it will suit the individual needs of each person, whether he has a protein metabolic type, a carbohydrate metabolic type, or a mixed carb-protein type, so that he may lose weight fast.
There are meal plans and many delicious recipes, no cravings and no deprivation.

There are cardio and resistance training to boost metabolism, and burn fat faster. Exercises are 20-30 minutes workouts each time, 2-3 times a week.

It is for people who like to understand the role of nutrition and workouts in losing weight quickly and permanently, and it is good for all age groups.


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