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Lose Weight Quickly- Fact or Fiction?

Updated on September 6, 2012

General Appeal- Reporting for Duty

How many times have you seen an advertisement for some type of product that will supposedly change your body and help you lose weight really fast? About a-gizzilion right? I know I have. When I see (or hear) a commercial like that, my mind wanders back to General Psycology class - pushing 5 years ago. I remember how my professor taught us to think. Her philosophy centered on 1 word, "why". That's right, I learned to ask myself "why" when considering a person's actions. If action is skin deep, then motivation is where we need to be. So, why do you think a company or business would market their product as fast and effective? Because it's fast and effective? Hmm... or maybe, just maybe, they're telling the consumer what they want to hear. Perhaps companies have figured out that the truth about weightloss doesn't sell nearly as well as tickling people's ears. And that would designate the motivation as... are you ready... okay.... here we go.... $$$$$. That's right. Green and greed are only 1 letter apart for a reason. By marketing for general appeal, companies are making a pretty penny at the expense of persons looking to find a quick, easy solution to their weight problem.

So What's the Truth?

The truth is that you can lose weight quickly, it's just not the kind of weight you should be losing. Many, many supplements are designed to flush water out of your system, giving the illusion of actual weight loss. To people who don't understand exactly how metabolism and fat burning work, it appears that they're losing weight and making progress. Then your body exaughsts its fluid loss potential, and the customer is left just as fat as ever, and now dehydrated to boot. Basically all claims of quick weight loss are a hoax. Your body can only burn fat so fast; tremendously rapid weight loss is an indication that they type of weight being lost is water, not fat. As a matter of fact, wrestlers often imploy a technique called "sweating" (or somthing similar) where they sweat off up to 20 or even 30 pounds (depending on the size of the athlete) in just a few hours. They do this to make a certain weight class. I hope this revelation will repell you from wasting money on products that turn you into a shriveled-up prune.


Okay, so products with trumped-up claims about rapid weight loss are most likely scams, but what do I do? How do I not just avoid pitfalls set by the fitness industry, but actually lose weight? Well here's the truth that apparently doesn't sell as well as "lose weight fast and easy". The truth is that your metabolism is what burns up energy stores, and this includes fat deposits on your frame. Your metabolism, no matter how fast it is, simply can't burn 20 pounds of fat in 1 week- it's humanly impossible. Now 1 pound, that's normal. Some people have been known to lose an average of 2 pounds per week and even a little more (like 2.5) for several months. Following a healthy eating plan and finding a safe, but effective way to exercise is your best bet to lose weight. Remember, you've got to stick with it- true weight loss takes time, like months, not days or even weeks- months. Don't give up. Also, notice how I didn't use the term diet? That's because diets don't last. You must not endevour to change your whole life on a dime. Make a few changes at a time to give you a chance to adjust to your new lifestyle- and that's what weight loss is, a lifestyle, not a supplement or a product. I have written several other articles on exercise, healthy eating, and weight loss. Feel free to consult them for further advice if you so wish. Also, you may direct a hub question in my direction if there's something specific you need answered.


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