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Burn Calories With Walking

Updated on July 2, 2009



Walking is free of cost and it is one of the best ways to lose weight. With walking, you can burn away a surprising number of unwanted calories.

1. Leave your car parked further away from your workplace, and walk that extra bit.

2. Use stairs instead of lifts whenever you can, for you are giving your heart and legs a bonus of healthy exercise that you would not normally have had.

Walking provides many of the benefits of more strenuous activities, without much exertion. For this activity, you can progress at your own pace, no equipment is required, except a good pair of comfortable shoes.

Anyone should be able to find enough time to walk. Walk along the beach, walk around your building compound, or the mall, walk to the market, etc. Simply walk, be active, take up some active work. There is nothing difficult or faddish about walking, so it appeals to people of all ages. It keeps you slim, it helps beat stress-and it is a fun.

Walking has the advantage of being less prone to causing injuries as compared to other forms of exercise.


1. It promotes more restful sleep.

2. It helps in reduction of tension and stress.

3. It helps in reducing weight.

4. Walking improves blood circulation, and is a good cardiovascular disease.

5. It improves the ability to take in oxygen.

6. Researchers have found that walking for an hour a day decreases the risk of colon cancer by half, as it speeds digested foods through the body.


1. Pull your chin in so that your ears are over your shoulders.

2. Relax your shoulders.

3. Concentrate on pulling your tummy in tight and pulled in.

4. Walk with your arms swinging freely.

5. Try landing strongly on your heels with your toes slightly lifted for a more powerful push off.

6. Let your fingers relax.

7. Hold your wrists straight.

8. Breathe in deeply.

9. Your stride should feel controlled and smooth.

10. Keep your head up while walking.

11. Be sure not to lean too far forward or back.

12. Wear shoes that are comfortable.

13. Observe carefully your surroundings, and enjoy the joys of nature.

14. Greet people you pass cheerfully, you will be surprised at the number of appreciative smiles you get in return.

So……………….Wat's the problem……………….Follow the simple steps………………and start walking from today.


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    • nutan.goel profile image


      9 years ago

      nice post...


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