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Lose Weight and Change Your Life

Updated on January 25, 2016

Are You Truly Ready for Change?

When it comes to changing your life there really is no tomorrow. You must grab and act upon the day at hand. Changes you make today will affect your life in years to come. So now is the time to act. Wouldn't it be horrible to step into your future and find yourself still overweight? Well, sadly that could happen but only if you fail to take action right now.

Procrastination Equals Losing.

In any endeavor in life if you procrastinate you will not succeed. Get started at once. Sometimes people put off starting and the situation worsens. This is horrible and so don't let it happen to you. The main reason for procrastination is fear. However, the odd part is that if you let procrastination win out what you fear often does come upon you.

Review Past Achievements.

No matter who you are you have achieved accomplishments in some area in the past. Get back to that person and remember those days. Perhaps you successfully graduated high school or college. Maybe there was a contest of some sort that you won. You really achieved your dreams back then didn't you? Apply that same mindset to weight loss. It helps to think of yourself as just a different and more successful person now.

Measure Yourself at Intervals.

One thing that can be very motivating is to chart your progress over a certain time frame. Sometimes change is subtle so you will want to have an understanding of where you are relative to where you were before. This alone can be very motivating for some people. Put that chart right up on your wall today.

Don't Expect it to be Easy.

Some people get discouraged after one day of trying to diet. Settle in for the long haul. It may be understandably difficult at first to change your behavior but stick with it. Take it one day at a time. Naturally you need to acquire a really sensible diet and weight loss plan as well as proper exercise regimen. Stick with these two things but break them up at times so as not to become bored.

These are some pointers for changing your life by losing weight. Definitely do not procrastinate. Gather internal strength by thinking about success you have had in the past. Just go for it now and remember to mark this day down as the day you started your weight loss plan.


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    • profile image

      Kathleen Kerswig 14 months ago

      Thanks for sharing these important reminders. I have been known to be a star procrastinator and that has never gotten me where I wanted to go. The best reminder is about remembering past victories. This always helps me move forward with any of my goals. Good job! Blessings!

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