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Lose Weight and Enjoy Life at Last

Updated on January 22, 2016

Don't Fear Change.

To lose weight you will have to change. That is a fact if you are overweight and while it may seem obvious, many expect to keep doing the same things and still lose weight. Once you get to your goal weight you will experience an increased enjoyment of life. In fact, you can enjoy life right here and now on the way to your goals.

Are You Dissatisfied With Your Body?

Dissatisfaction with your life can be a big bonus. It does feel uncomfortable though. However, dissatisfaction can urge you to make tremendous changes in your life. It can be what causes you to go to the next level.

Do You Have a Body Image Problem?

Many people who are overweight have a body image problem. They see themselves as large and as needing more food than other people. Some feel that they are just "big boned." This is nonsense. Overweight people need to develop a positive body image. Develop a body image ideal instead of a body image problem.

What Would It Take to Realize This Weight Loss Dream?

You can step into a new vision of yourself at any time. Leave the old you in the dust. Get into a higher, better and more successful version of yourself at once. You are the one who shapes and controls your own projection of yourself onto the world. Make it something to be proud of.

Write Down a Weight Loss Blueprint.

It is best if you write down all that you plan to do. Then you can proceed with your weight loss plan in an orderly fashion. Write down what works and what does not. Do not fake it and go ahead and be honest with yourself in your weight loss journal. Now, don't expect every single thing you do to work out perfectly. Some overweight people are secretly perfectionists and cannot bear to be wrong or have a "down" day. You must expect these trying setbacks as they are all part of the weight loss journey. Just keep track of it along with any emotions in the journal.

Maybe you have gotten to the point where you no longer accept your weight problem. Now decide how you would prefer to look. Think about the situation and come up with the steps to proper weight loss. Create a written blueprint of what you intend to do and set about it at once.


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