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Lose Weight and Step Into a New You

Updated on November 17, 2015

It is time to elevate yourself. Do not think a fit body is not for you. It can be! You can lose weight and look great too.

Step Into the Shoes of the Successful

Don't focus upon what you can't do. For instance, don't say, "Oh, I can't eat pizza today." Instead focus upon what you can do. A good choice is, "I can have my salad for lunch today." Do not cause yourself to feel deprived.

Use Role Models

Are there some fit people in your life that you admire? Focus upon these positive role models. You can read biographies of people who have overcome hard goals in their lives. Create your own success story as well. This is empowering.

Speak Aloud Your Intention

One of the best ways to achieve weight loss is through affirmations. For instance you could state to yourself, "I am thin and fit." There is a power that comes with declaring a thing. This power is not totally understood but it is a power of creation. Create a new thinner you.

Surround Yourself With Empowering Objects

You may have to stay out of the kitchen quite a bit at first. Put up empowering quotes in your home. Cut empowering pictures out of magazines. Make your environment very uplifting and positive.

This is how to lose weight and step into a new you. Walk in the shoes of the successful. Use role models to elevate yourself. Speak your intentions aloud for increased power. Fill your home with empowering objects. These things all make it easier to lose weight.


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