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Lose Weight for Money with Diet Bet!

Updated on April 25, 2015

Join a Kick Starter Program

Choose a Diet Bet game that is starting soon. I like to give my self a little time to mentally prepare for a Diet Bet and so I have my fridge stocked with healthy foods. Based on the Diet Bet you choose you will put the amount of money determined by the game into the "pot". Most Diet Bets are $30- $35. I have seen one Diet Bet as low as $10 and a couple as high as $500. You pay via Pay Pal or credit card. Don't let the fact that you have to put down some money stop you. This is a legitimate game. I have paid 4 times and always got my money back and more. I've found that having money on the line is a huge motivator for me because I don't want to lose my money!

You choose the Diet Bet game you want to participate in. Each game lasts 28 days and you must lose 4% of your body weight to be a winner. All of the winners from the game will split the pot after Diet Bet takes their fee for running the game. Diet Bet's fee ranges from 15% to 25% depending upon the size of the bets for that game. At every game I have played I have made my money back and more.

Weigh Ins and Weigh Outs

Weigh Ins at the beginning of the game and weight outs at the end of the program are reviewed. To complete your weight ins you will need a digital camera or a smart phone, a scale (preferably digital), and a full length mirror or someone to take your photo.

You can weigh in up to two days before your game begins and up to one day after your game ends. First you must stand on a scale in what is considered "airport attire". Airport attire basically means that you are dressed appropriately to go to an airport. You have some sort of pants on and some sort of top on that covers you. No nude pictures! I wear and exercise top and bottoms.

Your first picture will be a head to toe picture of you and including the scale you are standing on. This is why you need someone else to take the photo or a full length mirror so you can snap the photo yourself.

The second picture is one of your feet on the scale with the word of the day written on a note card. The word of the day will be submitted to you. Make sure that your feet, the number on the scale, and the word of the day on the note card are all included and clear in the picture.

Make sure you are using the scale that you will be using for the entire game. Digital scales are preferred because they are easier to read by the game monitors when you submit your pictures. If they have trouble reading your weight they will ask you to re-submit.

Play the Game

You have 28 days to lose 4% of your body weight. You can choose any diet plan that you want. The game does not subscribe to a specific diet plan. You can download the Diet Bet app to provide updates, weigh in, see how much more weight you have to lose, see how far along the other players on by their percentage lost and post to a wall specific to your game. I really liked the wall that you can post too. Players talked about how they were doing in the game, what they were doing to be successful, and if they were having problems being successful. I found it motivating to read and contribute posts.

Win The Game!

If you lose 4% of your body weight or more at weigh out, you are a winner and will split the pot less Diet Bets fee. Here is how I fared in my four games:


Bet Amount
Diet Bet 1
Diet Bet 2
Diet Bet 3
Diet Bet 4

The Right Plan for Me

Basically, this is the right weight lose strategy for me. I am hugely motivated by money. I have been successful in every Diet Bet game and I plan to continue with them for the next six months until I have lost all of the weight that I need to lose to be a healthy weight. You are allowed to join up to three games at one time. In my second month I joined three games to maximize my motivation and winnings. I plan on continuing with three games a month because it really motivated me. Plus there were three communities of people in the three games to interact with, ask questions, and get motivation from.

In the future it looks like they planning to come out with maintenance games. So, I will participate in those too when I am ready to maintain.

Will You Join A Diet Bet?

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