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Lose Your Hair Or Your Libido

Updated on April 4, 2014

A Variety of Hair Loss Remedies

It’s one of the most common problems experienced mainly by men and often enough by women. Hair loss has over 1.2 million searches registered on Google alone in a single month. Having a full healthy head of hair is not a health issue, although sometimes hair loss can be indicative of underlying health issues. However it is seen as a very important component of a person’s image. It is an indication of youth to have good hair.

Psychologically men feel more confident with women and in life generally and for women a healthy head of hair is an essential part of their overall image. That is why so many of us are seeking solutions.

There are a variety of hair loss solutions being provided in the marketplace from medications and natural supplements to shampoos and conditioners as well as electronic devices that claim to assist with hair regrowth. Some of these solutions are self-administered and some are administered by professionals at a far greater cost of course. The following are the types of solutions available:

1. Hair Loss Medications. Minoxidil is a topical medication used to slow balding and increase hair growth. It cannot cure baldness. Once the treatment is stopped one can expect the increased hair growth to stop. It has side effects of possible irritation of the scalp and unwanted hair growth in other parts of the body. Finasteride is another popular hair loss medication. It works by inhibiting the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It’s effectiveness on female hair loss is questionable.

2. Hair Loss Shampoos and Conditioners. These types of products are primarily designed to handle androgenetic alopecia – the type of hair loss which comes about from the conversion of testosterone to DHT. However the active ingredients are usually herbal or plant based. The most common ingredient is Saw Palmetto extract which has been shown to be effective in this regard.

3. Herbal Supplements. These types of product can vary for men and women. Male supplements usually contain Saw Palmetto as well as Biotin and B vitamins. Female products also contain B vitamins, specifically B6 and Biotin as well as Horsetail Silica and PABA.

4. Hair Loss Devices. There are a few different types of electronic devices available that claim to assist with hair regrowth. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) works on photo-biostimulation. That’s a fancy word meaning the stimulation of cell activity by light. There are numerous studies which have reported results with using such a technique. This treatment is available at both professional hair loss clinics as well as with devices sold directly to consumers. Another type of device-based solution is Light Emitting Diode Therapy (LEDT). This is another form of light therapy also designed to energise the cells in the scalp and assist them to perform their functions more effectively.

Which form of solution you want to try will be determined by your budget, your preferences regarding medication versus more natural solutions and your past experiences regarding what you’ve heard about the effectiveness of different hair loss solutions. The first option is really the only one that can have any unwanted side effects.


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