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Lose flab without diet controls

Updated on August 19, 2009

Burn flab easily

There is a novel and easy way to lose flab or burn flab which ever way we prefer to call it but first we should know about flab so that we know what we are up against.

How to lose flab easily?

How to burn flab the healthy way?

About a third of world’s population is obese and is actively searching for answers to the above mentioned questions..The exact meaning of flab is soft lose flesh on a person’s body.The difference between fat and flab is that the former is the cause and the latter is the effect.Fat up to a limit is needed for the growth of our body but flab does not contribute towards our body’s growth.Flab does not happen overnight but over a period of time due to wrong life styles.We also should know that flab which took months or years to develop due to our food indulgence and lazy life will not disappear in days. Flab distorts our shape and appearance to make us ugly.

The problem of modern times is not of scarcity of food but of overabundance.Foods provide energy for our bodies to function hence important for our survival.But overeating can also kill us as starvation does.The variety of foods available for consumption is endless and new ones are cropping up every day.Though these foods are very tasty and appeal to our palate,they are unhealthy and wreak havoc on our health.The excess fat these foods provide is stored throughout our body mainly in the abdomen,waist,chest and thighs.We gladly allow the fat to get in but cry foul when it starts to distort our shape.Nowadays we live to eat not eat to live.The result is appearance of flab that creates loose hanging flabby skin allover our body distorting the body’s shape and making it ugly.

The second reason for our flabby body is our sedentary life style.We spend long hours in front of computers,watching television lying on the sofa munching deep fried snacks that add fat to our body.We stuff energy foods into our stomach but do not allow our bodies to spend the energy these foods provide.We do not give work to our limbs and allow them to be idle.We have even stopped doing the basic act of locomotion, walking. The end result is that we get a flabby body.

Third reason is that we all have forgotten to relax and are always stressed out due to our fast phase of life.We want all the good things of life now and we are always trying to be one up on our neighbors and friends as far as modern gadgets and living conditions are concerned.We want to live in big mansions and have big cars not only for our comfort but also for flaunting purposes.We want our children to excel in their studies and pass our stress on to them by forcing them to do well.All these cause stress and may contribute to stress eating further aggravating the problem.

The normal advice we get in any fat loss solution is that...

1.We have the capacity to reverse the process by removing the cause of flab such as controlling what and how much food gets in.

2.You can lose flab by intelligent diet control.

3.You can burn flab by making your body work more and spend more energy than it gets from the food.


All the fat loss programs advice you that the way to lose|burn flab is to follow a strict regimen of diet control and exercise.But it is easier said than done.Only a handful of people with high level of motivation to lose flab succeed by using these high failure rate methods.The reason is simple.It is due to the time factor.It takes at least a few months for those who are motivated and are regular in their diet and exercise regimen to see results.It was found in a study that 90% people are enthusiastic in the first week but slowly lose interest and revert back to their old life style.

We cannot resist our favorite foods for long since our basic instinct is to eat.We cannot beat our basic nature to eat however hard we may try.Of course you can be on fat loss diet for a week or two.Not more than that.Your body is programmed to eat and you cannot go against it and so you are bound to fail.Period.

The second reason for flab is lack of exercise.Of course you can burn flab through regular exercises.But again the time factor comes into play.It takes a long time to burn flab and we become impatient as we want quick results.People generally hate exercises as it involves pain and time.Most give up after a month.

It is our inherent nature to resist any bindings and we see diet control as unwanted binding to be resisted .So what is the solution?

Is there a fat loss program to lose flab without diet control?

Yes.There is a program that shows the way to lose flab the easy and healthy way that too by resorting to eating your favorite foods.For more information visit the website below.


<a href="">lose flab without diet control</a>


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