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Create A Diet That Doesn't Feel Like A Diet

Updated on January 30, 2011

Create A Diet That Doesn't Feel Like A Diet

If your someone who does not need to diet I feel you are one of the lucky people. But if you are someone who finds it hard to keep your weight down you can do so without feeling like your on a diet.

I have always been a little bit on the heavy side. I'm not large but I'm not small either. I am someone who needs to pay attention to my calorie intake in order to stay a medium size. I am a healthy size 12 to 14. People never believe me when I tell them that. I don't look like a 12 or 14 but I truly am. I feel I hold my weight very well.

Over the years I have tried so many different diets and just got feed up feeling like I was always on a diet. What a pain in the butt. But then I came across this ad in a magazine describing how to cut down my calories daily following a few simple steps. A couple of years ago I started to follow the steps the article described and I have lost about 25 pounds over the past two years and never felt like I was on a diet.

Simply cutting down calories throughout my day is the easiest diet I have ever been on. I never say no to food that I want to eat. I adjusted my intake of food and made a few simple adjustments to my eating habits.

Now I will share with you how I have cut hundreds of calories out of my daily intake of food.

Lets discuss coffee. Coffee is the first thing I make in the morning. I love a good cup of coffee to get me going. I use to add creamers of all different flavors to my morning cup. Well, I decided to cut out the creamers and now I use a touch of powder flavor creamer with one sugar substitute. This simple adjustment alone lowered my calorie intake for the day. I drink at least three cups of coffee per day and over time I got use to it. I don't feel like I'm missing anything and still enjoy my cups of coffee per day. If you drink coffee with regular milk switch to skim milk. You'll get use to it and you will notice your weight drop over time.

Do you enjoy a good old-fashion sandwich or burger? If so, don't feel like you have to give them up in order to drop some weight. Here's another excellent tip to cutting the calories down. Whenever I make a sandwich/burger or order one in a restaurant I take out some of the bread from the bun or roll. I pull out the doughy part in the middle then close it back up. It only takes a couple of seconds and I still get to enjoy the sandwich/burger on a bun or roll. Again, I am simply cutting the calorie intake. If you eat fries with you sandwich/burger always leave some of them on the plate. Never finishing all of the fries cuts down the calories too and you still get to enjoy your fries.

I am someone who loves to eat snacks at night. Ten, eleven and even twelve in the evening I get the munchies. Instead of opening a bag of chips or a bag deluxe cookies I changed what I eat so I still feel I got my fix for the night.

Instead of chips I eat popcorn with no butter. I microwave my popcorn and I eat the whole bag. Sometimes I enjoy rice cakes. Many rice cakes come in a variety of flavors and I'll eat four large rice cakes with a cup of tea and I enjoy it.

Instead of eating deluxe cookies which usually have chocolate chips, cream or covered in chocolate I instead eat plain oatmeal or plain butter cookies. I'll eat seven or eight oatmeal or plain butter cookies with a cup of tea and feel completely satisfied.

I use to eat a pint of ice cream twice a week. Instead I now eat a large cup of pudding made with skim milk and even put a huge scoop of light Cool Whip on top. And yes the pudding is sugar free. Jello is another excellent substitute and very refreshing during the summer months. Another great substitute for ice cream is ricotta cheese flavored with one sugar substitute and a touch of vanilla extract which is chilled and tastes like cheesecake. It really does taste like cheesecake.

Another great way to cut the calories when craving chocolate is to make hot-chocolate using skim milk. I have my favorite small pot and pour a cup and a half of skim milk into it and bring it to a simmer then add sugar free hot-chocolate. Again, I make a large cup. I use one and a half packages of coco. I have a hardy appetite.

OH, one more very important tip. Give up the soda! I now drink water and add "singles to go" to my bottled water. "Singles to go" are very small individual packages of sugar free, caffeine free, 5 calorie soft drink mix. There are many different brands out there and they range from $1.00 to $2.50 per box. Most boxes have six to eight individual packages in each. I always carry a few in my purse.

Over the past two years I have added exercise to my weekly routine. I'm not a guru by any means but I do exercise twice a week for one hour. I have a couple of exercise videos I rotate. I do a video, jump on my bike for ten minutes and I use the ab-roller. My clothes fit so much better and I've had to purchase some new clothing because my figure has become more fit and curvy. I feel great.

Cutting the calories in your diet over time can decrease your weight, my weight was 187 and now I weigh 165. Remember how I described myself in the beginning of this hub? I am a very fit person who holds her weight very well.

Good luck everyone. I hope sharing my few diet tips helps you understand how you can diet without feeling like your on a diet.


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  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 8 years ago from New York


    Thanks so much finding my "Create A Diet That Doesn't Feel Like A Diet Hub" interesting enough for a good read.

    I took the time to read your "12 Tips I Have Used To Save Money" and found your suggestions to be useful. I will read more of your Hubs in the future. Have a great day.


  • Lady_E profile image

    Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

    Love the fact that you enjoy your diet. Some people walk around all sad and depressed when they are on a diet as they see it as a punishment.Lol. Semi-Skimmed or skimmed milk certainly makes a difference in one's diet. Nice Read.