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Lose weight without side effects - No staying hungry !

Updated on June 20, 2011

Why do we gain weight ?

Weight gain depends on lot of factors. It can be genetic, due to pregnancy, physical inactivity coupled with irregular food habits, regularly eating more calories than we burn or as a side effect of some medication that we had taken. Whatever be the reason, being overweight and obese can affect us psychologically besides being harmful to our health. Not all are blessed with perfect bodies, but we all can definitely maintain a healthy body with the weight.

After having my baby, i had put of lot of weight and always wanted to get rid of that but never had time to exercise. When i quit my job, i had a list of things to do and losing weight was a priority. That's when I started trying the options available. I have no idea how to get an hourglass figure and i am not a nutrition or fitness expert. However, I can definitely tell you it is possible to lose weight in a healthy way and am writing this from my own experience.

Do crash diets work ?

Crash diets work temporarily. If you have a wedding to attend in 2 weeks and you are not able to squeeze into the dress you have in mind, you would want to lose weight fast. If you are strong willed, a crash diet can help you at a time like this. You may lose weight, but, there's a chance that you end up looking tired and lifeless on that day. In addition to that, the moment you get back to your original lifestyle, you would gain back all that you have lost.

Crash diets are unhealthy, temporary and demand a very big sacrifice from your part, although for a few days. It's not recommended and is only for the strong-willed . I tried the famous GM diet couple of times, and always ended up cheating, halfway down. My friends who managed to stick to this diet lost couple of pounds and were happy with the result. Unfortunately, some of them went back to their unhealthy life style and that didn't help a  bit.

Do fitness pills or massage oils work ?

There are lot of people who swear by fat-free capsules and fitness oils. Some of these pills increase your heart rate which in turn burns more calories. Some others are called anorexigenic drugs and they have the ability to control your appetite. You may see a difference using these pills. However, this again is temporary and once you go back to your previous lifestyle, the weight can go back. Also, the supplements for losing fat weight and water weight are different and you should know your body composition before you use them. If not, you may end up with some dangerous side affects.

I have tried the ayurvedic massage oils like lavana thailam and other fitness massage oils and included some weight loss pills in my diet. There was a slight difference, but i discontinued as I wasn't sure about the composition of the pills, and then went back to my original weight. It is said that including flax seed oil in the diet or even fish oil can help in weight reduction. Maybe these oils are good for health in the longer run but there is little proof that it helps reduce weight.

How do we lose weight ?

After trying my hand at several diets, i finally decided that staying healthy is the only alternative. As I changed my lifestyle to include healthy food in my diet and mild exercise , i started losing weight. Although the weight loss was not fast, it was steady, around 2-3 kilos per month. By 4-5 months, i got back to my previous weight and got used to my new eating habits and started loving it. First and important step is never to starve.

Eat all meals, but with slight variation. I am giving a sample of what I ate but then, food habits depend on the geographical location and culture, and it's not possible for everyone to follow it. Just make sure that you eat healthy food and no junk food/sweets/high fat dairy items are allowed. Also, all food items should be boiled or grilled/baked and not fried. Stick to a vegetarian diet if possible.

  • As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink a tall glass of water mixed with honey/lime.
  • Go for a walk for an hour or so. Walk at a decent pace. Not too slow, but no need to run.
  • Have a good breakfast. No white bread, no chocolate drinks. Stick to oats or whole wheat bread. You can eat couple of slices with an omlette or a bowl of oats mixed with low fat milk and sugar substitute. Eat a small bowl of sprouts as well and eat it till you feel full. No jam or butter/cheese.
  • If you feel hungry before lunch time, eat an apple or an orange.
  • For lunch, eat proper balanced meal. Since I am from India, i generally eat 3 rotis (indian bread prepared from whole wheat) with any dal (legumes / pulses), a vegetable curry and salad for lunch. For people who eat rice, make sure that you consume less of rice and more of pulses and vegetables. For others, make sure that you know what you are eating is boiled or baked and not fried. Eat less of cereals and more of vegetables and pulses.
  • Have a tea/ coffee in the evening with a low fat milk and sugar substitute if needed. If you feel hungry, you can have couple of banana or oat cookies which are low in fat. Eat a fruit salad if you are still hungry.
  • For dinner, have as less cereals as you can and completely avoid refined cereals like rice and semolina. Oats or wheat is fine along with boiled vegetables. You should include salad as well.
  • Go for a walk again after dinner if possible. Make sure that you sleep at-least 2 hours after your dinner.

Please make sure that you use as much less oil as you can (2-3 teaspoons of olive oil is the max that is allowed)

No chocolates, sweets till you achieved your target. If you do eat a sweet, find out how many calories it contains and work out till you burn it. Don't check your weight everyday, once a week should do.

No fruit juice is allowed. And, if possible no sugar. You can use a sugar substitute if needed, but that too not much. Remember that sugar substitutes are just low-calorie, not zero-calorie ! Also, check for Aspartame, heard it's harmful.

Drink as much water as you can. It is the best drink you can ever have. Fill up 2-3 bottles with water and make sure that you finish them off before end of the day. It's also good for your health and good to cleanse your system and is also nice for your skin !

Lastly, keep track of how many calories you are consuming and how many calories you would lose when in inactive state. I found it easier to keep track of number of calories i am losing or adding using websites like lifemojo. It's a nice starting point.

Eat healthy and stay fit !


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    • profile image

      ASH 16 months ago

      Oats should be taken in what form? Please advise. Thanks for the feasible solution.

    • profile image

      Toko Herbal Online Indonesia 23 months ago

      Thanks to your article. its very nice and helpful

    • Syama Ravi profile image

      Syama Ravi 3 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Very Good tips...I was also having overweight problems and I could overcome it using some of these tips and a slimming pill called Slim Guard. It doesn't have any side effects...

    • profile image

      joemerchant 4 years ago

      product which contain only natural ingredients are safe for all age group. adiphnee is also one of the pill which is effective in losing weight. you can read customer views in adiphene pills reviews.

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    • profile image

      Lalit 5 years ago

      Very Good Tips... Definitely needs to practice...

    • profile image

      vivek 5 years ago

      lemon &honey at singlt tea spoon ah ... reply me soon i have to follow

    • profile image

      shagufta 5 years ago

      i like your advice from today i follow it

    • ActiviaUK profile image

      ActiviaUK 6 years ago

      Great suggestions on here! I think it's important to remember that we are all different and different foods have different effects on our bodies. Some people can eat what they like and never put on an ounce - and others (like me) only have to look at a sandwich to put on half a stone! For me it's all about healthy eating, healthy snacks - cut out sugar, biscuits, crisps and chocolate - limit the alcohol.. and keep busy!!! The TLC plan advocates this in a really easy to follow plan full of recipes, tips and advice.

    • profile image

      swathi 6 years ago

      a good read .... thanks for the suggestions ... am gonna follow it from today :)

    • profile image

      Ram 6 years ago

      Hey , WOOw Excellent tips to keep us healthy .. Great job done - Thanks

    • gajanis786 profile image

      gajanis786 6 years ago

      Excellent information....let's hope we can use these for the better results.Thanks.

    • Kwenbee profile image

      Kwenbee 6 years ago from Delaware

      Very good advice! I am like you and tried all the "fads" out there only to find out you just need to eat less than you expend! Great hub!

    • profile image

      fionageler 7 years ago from london

      very good info tnk ...

    • profile image

      rajaa 7 years ago

      grt yaar... thx a lot

    • ellacor profile image

      ellacor 7 years ago

      Brilliant tips, loved it. Now to put into practice!

    • AutumnLockwood profile image

      AutumnLockwood 7 years ago from Northern California

      Very specific info. These will really help. Thanks much!

    • swapna123 profile image

      swapna123 7 years ago from India

      Thanks a lot for reading this!

    • andygrant profile image

      andygrant 7 years ago

      Very useful information Swapna. Thanks for publishing such as great hub.

    • eshaw profile image

      eshaw 7 years ago from Huntsville

      its called balancing your self lose weigh or gain weight by tilting the balance if you want to gain weight you eat more exercise less vice verse