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Lose Weight Quick After Pregnancy

Updated on November 2, 2011

Lose Weight Quick After Pregnancy

Many woman gain far more then they're supposed to while pregnant. This can be frustrating afterwards, when you're left to cope with your weight gain. Upon leaving the hospital people report weight loss in all different numbers. It is not uncommon while breastfeeding to lose 20lbs within the first month postpartum. However, not everyone is lucky. Here are some great ways to lose weight quick after pregnancy, and still remain healthy.

Lose Weight Quick After Having A Baby

Limit your sugar intake

We all know sugar is basically bottomless, un-nutrional calories. Cut down your sugar intake. This doesn't mean that you have to completely eliminate it, just don't go over board. The saying "Everything in moderation" rings true. If you completely cut out whats bad for you, you may be more likely to binge later. Instead, reward yourself when you lose weight. Use simple milestones like 10lbs, and give yourself a treat for the hard work. Fruit is a great substitute for dessert!

Kiss all of those sugary beverages good bye!

Is that soda really worth the calories? Wouldn't you rather have something better? Many people over indulge in sugary drinks that pack on the pounds. Try drinking low calorie drinks, and plenty of water instead of sugary liquids. Not only will it cut back the calories, but you'll also stay hydrated and full.

Portion Size is Everything

When it comes to meat the portion size is the palm of your hand. Keep this in mind, and try to stick to lean protein. Supplement your hunger with plenty of veggies instead of sides high in carbs. Eat small frequent meals throughout the day to curb your appetite. Eat larger meals earlier in the day rather than later so your body has time to burn off the excess calories

Breastfeed if possible

If possible, breastfeed instead of formula feed. The average person burns 500 calories a day breast feeding. Numerous studies have been done that prove that woman who breastfeed reach their pre-pregnancy weight quicker then those who don't. Breastfeeding also assists your uterus in shrinking faster, and the weight around your tummy doesn't bulge quite as much. And of course, there are all of the benefits for your little one as well!

Eat as soon as you wake up

If you want your metabolism to work at its optimum, make sure you eat as soon as you wake up. Your body needs the fuel to jump start the day. The more frequently you eat, the better your body is at burning off excess calories. So don't skip breakfast!

Get up and Move

Whether you're dancing with your little one, or taking a stroll around the block, get up and move! Exercise is always healthy. If you haven't been cleared yet for working out, there are minor exercises that you can do. Later down the line you can take up a more rigorous work out schedule. Keep yourself moving, your baby makes an excellent free weight. Put your child in a baby carrier and get things done around the house. You'd be surprised by just how much weight you can lose if you keep on your feet.

Don't eat as much white flour

Instead of eating tons of white bread, white pitas, and other white flour baked goods, try introducing wheat products into your diet. You'd be surprised by how much the calories differ! White products take longer to burn then wheat. Make the healthy change to wheat products rather than white.

Lose Weight Quick After Having A Baby

My postpartum Weight Loss

All of these things have personally helped me in losing weight. I was one of the unlucky ones who retained a mass amount of water. You may be thinking: How much weight did you lose after having a baby? Right out of the hospital I had already dropped twenty pounds. I am currently 6 weeks postpartum, and have lost a grand total of 40lbs! I haven't done any rigorous exercising yet. It isn't impossible to lose weight quick after pregnancy, and still be healthy. Good luck!


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    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      Wow, you shed 40 lbs! Kudos! Such an inspiration for women to get back to their old shape. Thanks for sharing your story and tips. Hope this helps the thousands of women who get depressed over weight gain after pregnancy.