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Losing Pounds Sensibly

Updated on July 29, 2011

Losing Weight The Correct Way!

Losing Pounds Sensibly

Here some general points concerning weight control that need to be considered before going into details: 1. It will take approximately 30 days to develop a new habit—which means when you change eating habits you may not notice a change for 30 days when you change your eating habit. 2. Only lose 1-2 lbs a week to be permantly successful. If you try to lose more weight than 1-2 lbs a week then the “starvation mechanism” will hold onto the fat and not release it into the system. What you want to do is fool the body and prevent this “starvation mechanism” form activating. (Simply put, a “starvation mechanism” activates in the body when the body is not getting the proper nutrition, or “thinks the body is under attack” since it’s being deprived of the normal amount of the correct nutrition—and it will not release fat molecules. This means you will lose weight for a short period of time but you will put it back on because you will, “pig out” to satisfied your body which is indicating it needs more food.” 3. What will happen if the "starvation mechanism" does activate is the body will release some of the fat into your system, and this fat will pass out of the body. This way you will lose weight on a permanent bases rather than experience the "yo-yo" effect, which is losing weight, putting it back on, going on another starvation diet, losing weight, put weight back on because of "pigging out", and so this cycle continues. If you go on one of the “starvation diets”, your body my not be getting all the nutrients it needs. 4. Eat on a regular bases. If you can’t for some reason, carry a good nutrition bar with you that that you can eat in place of a meal—but don’t make a habit of this. (Hint: buy a good nutrition bar, which can purchased in a health food store.) Most grocery stores carry nutrition bars, but they aren’t well balanced and are expensive, in my opinion. Hint: buy a box not just a bar, it will save you money.) 5. Use the old guideline for eating meal: Eat like a king for breakfast, (which should be a biggest meal of the day); eat like a prince for lunch , (which may just be a meat salad); and eat like a pulper of supper, (which will be the smallest meal of the day.) If you want a snack, fine, but make it fruit or something that is at least good for you.

Now the details!

Preparing to go to the grocery store is the first step to losing weight sensibly. 1. Make a list, and only use that list when shopping. (This can keep you from impulse buying.) 2. Eat something before you go. Reason? Grocery stores tend to put their bakeries and deli’s near the entrance and the odor can temp you to buy when you don’t have to. Plus, there is also the temptation to over-buy if you are hungry.

Doing the grocery shopping. LEARN TO READ THE LABELS. The ingredients will be listed and often the nutritional content will also be listed. (Just remember, the label list the vitamin value when it was put into the can, or package, which may not be the same value when you consume it.) As you read a label, keep in mind the ingredients are listed by the one that has the largest volume first. (For example: if the advertisement on the front of a can reads, “Peas & Carrots”, and you read the label and listed under ingredients it list “Carrots" before “Peas”, this means the can will have more carrots than peas. Also be sure a check the sodium content. (On the average, you should limit sodium to about 2,000 mg a day.) When buying meat, it is more important to check the serving size than the weight of the package. (A serving of meat is about size of a human hand.)

Start grocery shopping on the outer walls of the grocery store —here you will find fresh vegetables, fresh meat, and dairy products. Next, go to the frozen food section. Frozen foods aren’t as good as fresh food, but better than can goods. Lastly shop the center isles. Here you will find your can foods. The primary advantage of can goods is they have a longer, “shelf life” than either your fresh foods or even your frozen foods. But, the sodium contest us usually more, (it’s a preservative), if you are serious about losing weight, anything high in sodium is not good.

Preparing the meal is really up to individual taste. Except for meat, the less you cook something, the greater the benefit to the eater.

Serving the meal. It’s best to prepare the plate away from the table. At least 1/2 of a normal size plate should be, “green”, which means lot of green vegetables. DO NOT eat second helpings. If you still feel hungry, wait for 30 minutes to see if you are still hungry. (This 30 minute interval of time will allow time for the stomach to communicate to the brain that it’s full.)

If you have to eat out—ask for a, “Take Home Bag” as soon as you order. Before eating, place 1/2 of your food in the, “Take Home Bag”. The advantage of placing 1/2 of your order in the, “Take Home Bag” before you eat so you won’t be tempted to eat too much. It would be nice if you didn’t order any desert. You can even order half portions, but this is expensive.

Remember what was stated earlier, allow yourself 30 days to see any results, although it may be sooner. Once you have reached your desired weight, don’t return to the old eating habits.

Going hand-in-hand with the proper nutritional habits is exercise. But, before starting any exercise program, check with your doctor first. Just make sure you plan an exercise program you can “stick with”and is proper for you. You will need a program of both cardio and weights. While you may do cardio everyday, weights should only be every-other day to give muscles time to re-croup. By the way, women don’t have to worry about bulking up, women have a different muscle development then men and they won’t build huge muscles unless they use steroids.

If you lose too much weight without exercise, you may end up with "dangling skin". Exhausting exercise in not necessary - unless a person wants to build big muscles.

The best exercise is swimming. Water will support those muscles not being used, reducing strain, and swimming is a good over-all exercise that not only is a good cardio exercise, but also helps in conditioning muscles. Plus, there is no pressure on the various joints.

Stationary bikes are very good for cardio exercises, and if arms are attached, it gives a total cardio workout. Again, this is an exercise that keeps joint discomfort at a minimum. I would recommend you keep the resistance level very low if you aren't use to a stationary bike. Keep the workout to 30 minutes. Use both a 5 minute warm up and cool down. Check your heart rate and only strive for a maximum of 85% of your suggested heart rate.

(Side note: a regular exercise program will also reduce blood pressure, and the heart rate. Another note is this: don't go too cheap if you buy any type of exercise equipment.)

Tread Mills are fine, but they do put pressure on the knee joints. An elliptical type exercise bike is better, especially if it has arms.

Free weights, (not a machine) are also needed, but they don't have to be heavy weights. Even as light as 5 lbs is all that is needed. Just make sure you have an exercise program that will exercise all the muscles over a period of time. One advantage of free weights is will also excercise other muscles besides the ones being targeted. For example: if you do an exercise that is for the biceps, the forearms will also get some workout. Make sure you rest at least 1 to 1 1/2 minutes between reps. For example: staying with bicep exercises, you do 10, rest, do 10 more, rest and do 10 more, rest. After doing 3 sets of 10, move on to the next set of exercises.

Machines are good, but they just exercise the muscles targeted. You do the same 3 sets of 10 for each exercise, with the rest period the same as with free weights.

It take a lot of discipline to stay with any exercise program, so you may have to "force" yourself to get started.

Another hint: it's best to exercise in the morning. that way you have energy gain from the exercise to use throughout the day. (By the way, exercise on a regular basis, also suppresses the appetite and you won't feel you need to eat all the time.) Drink lots of water - at least 6 glasses of day - 8 oz. glasses.

Repeat - be sure and get a doctor's permission before starting an exercise program


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