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Losing Weight, the Easy Way

Updated on October 22, 2017

Easiest Way to lose weight, no counting calories or measuring food

  • After so many years of trying to lose weight, I realized the best way was to cut down on what went into my body without losing the things I loved. One day I was riding home from work and stopped for my daily milk shake at a local ice cream drive through. I ordered my usual large chocolate shake and as I drove home while drinking it, I realized after a few tastes, I was satisfied. I didn't need to finish the whole drink but of course I did because it was there.
  • From that point on, I still stopped a couple of times a week, not everyday, and got a small chocolate shake and before even finishing that, I was happy. I could have just had half of that.
  • From that point on I cut down on everything I ate. At home it was easy as I did not put a lot of food on my plate but when I went out to eat, I either asked for a small portion or a box to put half of it in right away.
  • I weigh myself a few times a week and if I see I have gained a pound or two, I don't eat sweets, etc. Its so much fun watching the scale go down and even more fun watching my clothes get bigger and bigger. Its not the fastest weight loss program but it does work and I am never deprived. I know I will continue with this as besides being a challenge its like a game. Its so exciting to step on the scale and know I am doing this on my own and did not have to join any more clubs or buy any packaged foods. I usually set a goal of 5 pounds to lose by a certain date and then go for another 5 after that.

Common Sense

What I started to do is just common sense. I eat anything and everything I have a craving for. Of course, I do not eat the amounts I use to, like a BIG BOWL of ice cream or a BIG brownie. You know if you have a craving for a piece of chocolate a salad is not going to satisfy you. You will eat the salad and everything that is good for you and then go back to get that piece of chocolate.

I eat what I want. If I am craving ice cream, I will have a small amount, maybe just a small scoop and maybe twice a week. Even a tablespoon will satisfy me. If I want cholcolate I will have a small piece. I always keep a big bar of dark chocolate on hand and break off the 1st section at one end which is about 3-4 small peices. Of course I use to eat the whole candy bar but believe it or not, this does the trick. I don't need this everyday and usually the candy bar will last a week or two. This saves money too.


Like many other people, I have tried almost every diet there is for the last 30+ years. I have tried every new fad diet and all the well known ones from years ago and I have lost weight and gained the same weight back plus more.

About three years ago I started my own thing, which really is not a diet. I was so tired of reading about every new diet that came out and got frustrated about counting calories, carbs and weighing food. So, I decided to change my way of thinking.

I knew I needed to taste the foods I liked and if everyone around me was eating something I liked, it would be a matter of time until I got into it, most of the time if they were not looking.


One thing I love to make is ice tea. Besides my morning tea, I am a big ice tea person and at some of the dollar stores I get boxes of all kinds of flavored teas. I must have at least 20 different flavors in my closet at all times. I have a 1/2 gallon container and I take 4-5 different tea bags and a very small amount of flavored syrups (my favorites are vanilla, hazelnut and raspberry). I cut off the tags and leave the bags in the container until I drink it all, I love strong tea! After it sits for awhile I pour the tea in my small water bottles and keep them handy so I can grab one on the go or even outside when I am working in the gardens.

I also drink about 2-3 bottles of water a day, especially in the summer. Having salads a few times a week is fun also. I put everything I can find in my salads. I use all kinds of beans, nuts, fruit etc. The more the merrier but I do not eat one everyday. To much of any one thing gets boring.


In the winter I go to a local gym a few times a week or do some exercises at home. The rest of the months I am usually outside a lot working in my gardens. We have a lot of property and I have lots of gardens to keep me busy and being I love them I don't feel like its hard work.

If you don't have gardens or something to work on outside, go for a walk, bicycle ride or jog. Do what you like but just keep active, especially if you are older. you don't want to get stiff.

My goal is to go for another 40 pounds and I know I will get there.


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