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Losing Weight Fast By Breathing

Updated on July 18, 2011

Losing Weight Fast

Losing Weight Fast By Breathing..... It sounds almost too good to be true and yet it is possible. The problem with most people is that they do not breathe properly. They only draw air into the upper part of the lungs leaving about two thirds of it unused. As people put on weight they tend to use even less of the available lung capacity. Not enough Oxygen is getting into the system and oxygen is important. Oxygen burns calories.

When you see people running, jogging or cycling they are becoming fitter and thinner. They are burning up calories. A lot of these calories are simply being burned up by the extra oxygen which is being drawn into the body. Breathing properly serves to increase your metabolic rate. Fat oxydizes into Carbon Dioxide and is breathed out of the lungs. So you can speed this process along simply by developing and improving your breathing.

It's true. You can actually lose weight whilst you sit and watch TV. Pounds can slowly melt away as you drive your car or do the ironing or even surf the internet. Some studies have shown that breathing properly can burn up more calories than some popular types of exercise.

The big secret for losing weight by breathing is to breathe deeply and often. It is something which does not come easily to some. It is something which needs to be worked at, practised along with self discipline. With just twenty minutes a day it will be possible to see a real difference in a month. Take deep breathing into your everyday life and results may be seen even sooner.

Whereas you can breath to lose calories simply by sitting and relaxing and breathing properly and deeply ,once you master the technique you can perhaps add a brisk walk to your routine and so double the benefits. Proper breathing is not a substitute for exercise because exercise has many other benefits and it will help you achieve your goal just that little bit faster.

Some may want to diet as well. You could not go far wrong by moving onto the Thailand Sex Diet. Not only is this one hundred percent healthy but every one of the ingredients has health giving properties and most of them will help you burn up calories too. You might like to use the diet to replace one of your daily meals.


Breathing is Easy

Breathing is easy, we all do it. In fact we do it around 20,000 times each day. If we didn't we would die. Breathing properly though takes a bit of practice, a little bit of discipline. There are several special breathing techniques you could use, two of which are shown in the video below.

The simplest of all involves finding somewhere to lie or sit comfortably. Don't slump but do relax. Imagine your lungs to be a big bottle which you are going to fill with the air you breathe in. You are going to fill this bottle from the bottom up. Makes sense. Consider though that most people just fill the top because they have not emptied the bottle in the first place.

It is probably better to start out lying for the first few times. Once you get used to the 'feel' of what it is you are doing you can progress from there to sitting and eventually walking as well.

Lie on the bed and breathe out. Breathe out completely. Put one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest and slowly breathe in. Feel the air into your body, your stomach will feel like it is filling but it isn't, it is the lower depths of your lungs. Continue breathing in and you will feel your lungs filling too from the bottom up.

Once you feel full, don't overdo it. Hold it there for a count of three and then slowly breathe out. Repeat. Concentrate on what you are doing and you will start to build up a rhythm. Breathe in to the count of 10, hold for 3, breathe out for a count of 10.

There should be no strain, no discomfort. If breathing in for a count of 8 hold for 2 and out for 8 is better then go for it. Everyone has a rhythm which will suit them.

Repeat the whole exercise twenty or thirty times.

Do this daily, every day. Set yourself time aside every day. Try to do it two or three times every day. It is effortless and will take only a little time out of your daily routine. It will help relax you and revitalize. Slowly bring deep controlled and proper breathing into your everyday life. The excess wait will eventually melt away.

Breathe Sculpture


Added Benefits

Deep Breathing exercise will not only help you lose weight but the discipline of concentrating on what you are doing creates a semi-meditative state and helps relax your mind. The breathing helps to expel toxins from the body and to reduce fatigue as well. 


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    Maurice Glaude 3 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Meditation teaches us to breathe but I've never heard of this benefit.