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Losing Weight - How to Deal with Failure?

Updated on May 19, 2013

Mass media plays a huge role in building our self-image—positive or negative. The fad we see and hear every day directly influences how we feel about ourselves. We desire to transform our physical appearance to look good and feel better. Health and fitness experts recommend losing weight if you are fat. However, the process of making the changes happen is not always easy. While some people succeed, many others fail. Failure to lose weight is disheartening, especially if you have invested your time, money, and effort. This article presents effective strategies to help you cope after the failure to lose weight. After reading this article, you should be able to pick up the shattered pieces of your determination, and move briskly to the next plan.

Dealing with Failure to Lose Weight

Keep a positive mindset

Having a positive mindset is very powerful. It helps you maintain a strong will power to stick with your goals in spite of failing repeatedly. People who quit easily and nurse depression instead of giving their best will surely fail. Always keep in mind that you are better than someone else is. If they have done it, so can you. Affirmation is an excellent starting point to re-program your mindset and improve your result.

Lose Weight: Guided Law of Attraction Affirmations for Weight Loss, Healthy Eating & Willpower
Lose Weight: Guided Law of Attraction Affirmations for Weight Loss, Healthy Eating & Willpower

Law of attraction is a popular technique to improve your mindset. Saying affirmative words constantly aligns you to cooperative events that match your thoughts and intentions.


Plan and get serious

Many people who are trying to lose weight cannot endure the activities associated with it. If you have tried to lose weight, but failed for the “nth” time, there is no room for despair. Re-examine yourself and look back to find any pattern that led you to another disappointment. Create a strategy to fix those mistakes. If you are not taking activities seriously, then ask yourself if losing weight is what you really want and get serious.


Focus is very important. You can hardly meet your goals if you lack focus. Losing weight spells hard work. It entails knowing exactly what you need to do and implement it accordingly. Keep your eye on your goal. If you are obese, do not expect to shed off fat overnight. With sincerity, patience, and persistence, you will achieve your desires.

Listen to yourself

Listen to yourself and do not allow others to dictate you. You can withstand the challenge of losing weight if you want it very badly. Make sure that you are physically and emotionally ready. You can certainly avoid failure if you join a weight loss program that you are comfortable with and able to manage without consuming all your energy. Take your time and refrain from making any drastic decision.

Get things right

If things are not going well for you, always refer to your original plan and make changes when necessary. Lay out all your possible options, and select what is suitable for you. Do not hesitate to seek an expert advice to make things right. Give yourself enough time to reach your weight loss goals. Lastly, do not pressure yourself. Just enjoy what you are doing.

Remember This:

You are not a failure, so do not give up on yourself. The next time you attempt to lose weight, give it your best shot. You are not a failure as long as you give it your all.


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    • self-counsel profile image

      self-counsel 4 years ago

      Hi rajan! Thanks for the feedback.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Very useful pointers. Voted up and useful.

    • self-counsel profile image

      self-counsel 4 years ago

      Hi Dania! Yes, sort out the stress factors that hinder you from successfully achieving your goal. Losing weight is a challenging feat. It requires you to maintain a strong willpower to sustain you throughout any weight loss program.

      Keeping a load of stress will excessively burden your attention, lose your focus, and waste your time. Plan and prepare to ensure that you are ready to endure whatever it takes to lose weight.

    • Dania Razzak profile image

      Foyjur Razzak 4 years ago from Dhaka

      Remove stress completely.