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Losing Weight Phases

Updated on January 17, 2014

I Want To Lose Weight

When likely will you tell yourself this sentence: I Want To Lose Weight ?

It may be as follow:

In a nice morning and after well sleeping of good dreams, you awoke and looked at yourself in the mirror and stopped, and asked this question: Who is this guy?

This was because you didn’t find the Russell Crowe’s body (of Gladiator) in the mirror. I know that you had a good body but you haven’t yet. It is a fact now.

Don’t worry……… it is the SHOCK phase.

Shock Phase

It is like when you had been woken by someone in somewhere far of home. Yes, it is a shock and unbalanced moment.

Also, this is happened when you feel some changes in your body reactions towards heavy efforts, like running or carrying something heavy.

At SHOCK PHASE you have to be a quiet person. It is normal result for a big segment of people and I’m exactly like you.

There is something bad I had discovered about a wide segment of people: If you feel good, you then needn’t to ask a doctor (any doctor) for help. This is a big mistake. Did you hear about periodic health checks before? You should make these checks 2 times a year (every 6 months).

You have to do a full check which includes: teeth, bones, heart, blood pressure, digestive, eyes, nerves and even Cancer tests (Remember that first and second phases of cancer have unremarkable symptoms).

So, it is more than just discovering that you became an overweight person.

Perception Phase

After checking your paunch, legs, back and these strange fats, you will move to second phase, which is PERCEPTION.

Perception is a good phase. Your senses start to accept the new truth: You are a fat man.

There is no doubt, you became a fat-man (Unfortunately, not Spiderman, Batman, Superman or even X-man) and this is the phase of RECOGNITION.

Recognition Phase

It is the time of stopping joking and start working. You recognize that your life became hard and going to be harder if you don’t take a decisive action about this problem.

In RECOGNITION phase you are going to realize the dimensions of the problem and start to say the previous sentence: I want to lose weight.

So, mainly (and to enter phase of INFORMATION) I wrote this article of “For Who Say: I Want To Lose Weight” to help you in “Information Phase” and give you the basics.

Information Phase

And by the easiest and simplest way of sharing information (Question and Answer) I am going to show you how to start walking in this way.

How to start?

At first you should calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).

According to Wikipedia definition, Body Mass Index is: The body mass index (BMI), or Quetelet index, is a measure for human body shape based on an individual's mass and height.

In simple words: Body Mass Index is the first step to know your situation about losing weight.

It is simple to calculate as follow:

BMI = Weight (kg) / (Height (m))2

For example: if your weight is 95 kg and height is 1.85 m, your BMI is:

BMI = 95 / (1.85)2 = 27.76

BMI indication:

Very thin. It is very dangerous and you have to ask doctor for a solution immediately.
15 - 18
You are thin but may be dangerous in some cases.
18 - 25
Normal – Ideal (Congratulations)
25 - 30
Overweight (still in safe side, but you have to take care)
30 - 35
Low Obesity (troubles started, you should to commit with a weight loss program)
35 - 40
Medium Obesity (dangerous, you must commit with a hard weight loss program at once)
High Obesity (so dangerous, you may need a surgery or unusual weight loss program)

Start now and check your BMI and whatever it is, don’t panic. There are always many solutions for the problem and we can fix it by many ways.

Questions You Have To Ask Before Starting

It is easy. No, it is the easiest step: you have to check your habits.

At first, you have to watch yourself by answering these questions:

  • What types of food you eat?
  • How many calories you gain?
  • Is your food healthy? Did you think about this issue before?
  • How many snacks you eat every day? And how many sweet snacks you eat?
  • How many meals you eat for a normal day?
  • How many hours between breakfast and dinner?
  • Do you make any exercise?
  • What is the type of your work? Is it physical or mental? Does it require a lot of movements or not?
  • How do you spend your weekend and holidays? Outdoors or on the couch?

Answer these questions and jot down answers in A4 paper to discuss. Check your answers with the basics of eating healthy and then choose your way.

According to these answers, you will choose your start point.

Starting at The Stopping

Well, the next step after answering questions above is entering phase of STOPPING.

I know that it is funny thing that “starting point” is staring by a word like “Stopping” but you will agree with me after reading the following.

Stopping Phase

Many people look at stopping phase as a suffering phase. On the contrary, it should be the most interesting phase in losing weight. It is full of challenges and steadfastness.

In this phase you will stop some of bad habits (which you discovered in the answers) and you will feel the difference very soon.

  • Stop eating unhealthy types of food.
  • Stop eating one big meal a day.
  • Stop soda drinks.
  • Stop drinking wine completely.
  • Stop smoking completely.
  • Stop eating after 7 PM.
  • Stop laziness and do some exercises.
  • Stop eating chocolates and sweet. (for a short time at least)

Stop and change your habits. If you feel laziness, you will be in a big trouble. Read more about obesity.

Obesity is not the end, it is really the start point for many diseases. Obesity is a registered disease in USDA. Heart diseases, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, roughness of the joints and more are results of obesity. What are you waiting for? You are in a big danger. Stop while you can rather than you reach the day that you will be forced to stop.

“I Want To Lose Weight” is a good phase to start. Surely, you have the willpower to start till you reach phase of COMPLACENCY.

What is Your Phase Now?

See results

Complacency Phase

It is a great phase.

In this phase, you will love your body and be happy when you look at the mirror.

It is fine, but……………………

It is not the end of the story. You may be happy for this result after adapting your BMI and getting the body you love but you should take care of “yo-yo dieting”.

Probably, you love to celebrate by eating the previous prohibited foods, right?

No, it is a big mistake. You have to control yourself.

Of course, I don’t mean that you will not eat these types of foods completely but you should moderate the quantities.

Of course, you don’t want to become fat-man again and also you have to save your health from tiring it by “yo-yo dieting”.

So, I suggest making “The Life Diet Plan”. Life diet plan is the eating style you will live after succeeding in losing weight. This plan will keep you in the ideal weight you reach.

I will not suggest a particular plan. I just offer the idea and you apply in the way you get comfort.

The Success Story Which I Watched More Than 4 Times


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