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Losing Weight While Dancing

Updated on May 7, 2013

Tired of the gym? Getting bored of the same old jogging, swimming, and exercising routine? Sick of resisting the temptation of eating those bacons during Thanksgiving? Say no more to all of that as we now introduce you the dance workouts! Dance workouts will actually make you lose 200-400 calories just like your jogging did.

Many types of dance were introduced since the olden days. So which should you go for?

Join the Choreographed Dance

Choreographed dances usually will have one instructor with about 10 – 15 students in the room. Here are a few types of choreographed dance that will help in losing weight such as:

Belly Dancing

This dance strengthens your thighs, torso, hips as well as stomach (while you shake that thing!) Besides, this dance is very suitable for women with curves as the dance routine tends to show off your curves. So just tie that scarf on your hips and you’re ready to go!

Modern Jazz

Modern jazz would be gentler, slightly more active than ballet. For those who would like to take it at a medium pace, this dance would be suitable for you.

Pole Dancing

Who says pole dancing is only for those hottie mommas? While I say, anyone could be sexy! Say bye bye to those jingly parts when you attend this class weekly. Powerful dance for your abs, legs and thighs!


This Latin-inspired dance had become so popular among the gym goers since 2011. Zumba claims to be the most effective dance workouts as it is a combination of belly dancing, salsa, and modern dance to an hour class exercise. Sounds fun isn’t it? Plus, you don’t need any skill to dance the aerobic exercises with the Latin soundtrack.

What If your schedule doesn’t welcome the dance classes?

No worries, you may always have your own DIY dance floor at home with the Zumba workout DVDs.

For Faster Results

Get yourself a bottle of PaleoTrim All Natural Weight Loss Pills (a very recommended product from myself) while you dance with your choreographer as this magic bottle does not only trim down the fats but also provides extra energy boost for your to dance longer! This way, you will slim down in no time!


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    • Marilyn Kee profile image

      Marilyn Kee 4 years ago from Penang, Malaysia

      @Peggy W I know what you mean. Dancing is way to fun! Besides, dancing upgrades social status too. :)

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

      At our Silver Sneakers Classes at the gym our instructor works in some Zumba and lately she has even added some Twist songs. Fun!!! Dancing somehow doesn't make it feel as much like exercise.