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Losing Weight with Weight Loss and Nutrition Coaching Software Program Dietpower®

Updated on April 5, 2010
Grant Caught with a Mouthful at Chuck E Cheese Before Dietpower 9/21/09.
Grant Caught with a Mouthful at Chuck E Cheese Before Dietpower 9/21/09.

Big Daddy isn’t so big anymore. As a matter of fact, my husband Grant has lost 25 lbs. in just about three months using a weight loss and nutrition coaching software called Dietpower®.

Grant is an Engineer by trade, if you know anything about engineers, you would know that it’s all about the data, pages and pages of mind numbing data. For example, he rationalized getting a motorcycle for the gas saving benefits based on, you've guessed it, his collection of data. You can check that hub out here. So for him to actually purchase this science-based product, you can bet his purchase was based on a truckload of supporting data from professional resources that (for us normal people) essentially says, “This program really works.”

Grant 25 lbs. lighter, 2/17/10 and still using Dietpower
Grant 25 lbs. lighter, 2/17/10 and still using Dietpower

In this case, it’s not so much data, as much as a credible, professional source that recommends Dietpower. The website EX (Exercise Prescription) is the site referred to for exercise by the ACSM (American College of Sport’s Medicine). recommends DietPower as one of their “Software Solutions” for weight loss and nutritional coaching. Dietpower is a program that is also recommended by a number of sources. Reference magazine, newspaper, website and customer reviews and recommendations for Dietpower here.

What About Me?

While hubby was quickly dropping weight, I was still not ready to try Dietpower. Who wants to log every thing they eat, day after day? It will take forever! Who’s with me?

Well, if you read between the lines, you would see that that is just my lame excuse, and that my real issue is portion control. It really doesn’t take that long to log in foods at all. As a matter of fact, many of the foods I eat are the same day in and day out. Logging most foods is as easy as one click and takes less than a few minutes a day.

So what was my real problem? Truthfully, I was not willing to be honest with myself about what I was eating. If I didn’t write it down, it wasn’t there in black and white staring at me in the face. How many times have you heard that people that record what they eat are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t record?

I tried Dietpower late last year and gave up after about one week, convincing myself that logging food takes too damn long. But here I was, starting a new year, still 30 lbs. overweight, and still with a desire to lose weight.

At about the same time that everyone starts their New Year’s diets, my friend suggested I sign up for a free online diet/food tracking program with her, and so I did. Surprisingly, after only two days, I found an argument for giving Dietpower another try. I wasn’t able to log my exercise and bank calories the way I could with Dietpower. I wasn't able to raise my nutrition quotient by choosing the right foods. (Dietpower does the work of balancing 33 nutrients to keep you in tip-top health.) With the most motivation I’ve had in a long time, I decided to give Dietpower another try.

As of January 21, 2010, I “got real” (as Dr. Phil says) and started using the Dietpower program every day. I log my exercise and food EVERY day and one month later, as of February 21, 2010, I have lost five pounds! I know it might not sound like much, but I was convinced that after having two kids and turning 40, that I just couldn’t lose the weight. (Believe it or not, 5 lbs. is actually a faster rate of weight loss than what I had programmed into Dietpower program.)

Slow and Steady Weight Loss

Have you ever heard the expression “slow and steady wins the race”? In the case of weight loss it is true. I have the Dietpower program set to lose a paltry one half pound per week, so that’s 2 lbs. per month. At that slow pace, I don’t feel the physical or psychological pain of being hungry or deprived. According to Dietpower’s analysis of my current data, by this time next year, I will not only reach my goal, but exceed it by another 10 pounds. Talk about incentive!

Hey, I know five lbs. isn’t much. I have a long year ahead of me, but I feel confident having learned a few things over the many years of failed diet attempts. I was just like so many others when it came to weight loss. I wanted to believe in a quick fix medication or at least a supplement or that I could eat certain foods, while avoiding others to lose weight. Unfortunately, none of this stuff works, for me anyway. Here is specifically what I have learned about weight loss:

1. It is possible to lose weight after having children and turning 40.

2. If you are healthy and food allergy free, it is not so much what you eat verses how much you eat. (I am glad I brought pizza back in to my life!)

3. Protein-rich foods do help to stave off hunger, but the Atkins diet is not the answer. Balance is the key.

4. Fats like olive oil and walnuts are heart-healthy, filling and great in moderation.

5. Keep fat intake to about 30% of total calories per day.

6. Eating fruits and vegetables is not only healthy, but these water-rich, fiber-rich foods do fill you up.

7. Within reason, I can exercise more to be able to eat more.

8. It is possible to lose weight while still enjoying an "adult" beverage or two on the weekends!

Drum roll, please! And the most important thing that I have learned that happens to be based on the law of physics:

9. To lose weight you must expend more calories than you eat.

Living by these things that I've learned, while using my new weight loss and nutrition coaching software should (sensibly) get me to that finish line. I might be the last one, but I’ll get there.


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    • profile image

      nonstop999 7 years ago

      Same here Kristi, I agree wit Explosive INK.

    • Kristi Maloney profile image

      Kristi Maloney 7 years ago

      Explosive INK. Well said. According to this program, it is simply calories in verses calories out. When that stops working, I will blame my genes....(thanks Dad!)

    • Explosive INK profile image

      Explosive INK 7 years ago from Austin Texas

      Before you diet, Always identify why you are overweight. Do you eat too much or is it as some say"hereditary"? Exercise and proper diet and time are the best methods to maintain your healthy body size. I recommend seeing a Dietician before you pay for a Personal Trainer(runs to his bank)and just play head games. Healthy bodies and minds are a part of a healthy lifestyle and if you do not use your body or your mind, They will not hold value and you cant trade them in on a new model every 4 years. Now go get that heart racing to the front of the beauty pageant line.