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Losing and gaining pounds

Updated on January 5, 2012

Who has put into their mind that one of their goals is to lose some much unwanted weight? I am sure most the people have because of so many different reasons. I know that I tried to so many ways to lose weight, by dieting and exercising but like so many diets it didn't work out and so I kind of gave up. But last summer I decided to put my mind into losing the unwanted weight that I didn't want to have.
I thought of so many ways and it hit me, I didn't need to diet too much. I just had to watch what I ate and start working out. I started to workout every six days and take a day off to let my body rest. In addition I watched what I ate, I took out some of the things that I used to be in the habit of eating and drinking. For instance, I took out drinking sodas because it didn't help for me to drink sodas and try to lose weight. Now I drink a lot of water, juices, and types of punches.
Like they say, it is easy to lose the weight most of time, however it is harder to keep it off. There can be so many reasons that we gain the weight back that we have lost. I can say I have fluctuated in my weight gain, I go up and go down depending on what I do.
We all can lose weight and in a healthy way. We can also find ways to keep it off, yes we may gain a few pounds but not all of the pounds that we lost when we first started.


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