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Hearing Loss: Overnight

Updated on March 8, 2013

It was Wednesday, March 14 When I woke up in the early morning to find that I was almost deaf in both ears.

I wondered for several hours what could make the hearing in my ears go away within a few hours of sleep. It could have been from an infection or swelling near or in the auditory nerves, something crawled in the ears, signs of bacterial virus, wearing headphones too often (volume is never past half-way mark), or an endless number of other minor and major issues.

One day later I catch Strep Throat ( a name given to the illness caused by the infectious, and contagious, Streptococcus bacteria). It hits me like a ton of bricks but heal fast from immediate treatment. To this day I have gained all of the hearing back to my right ear. I am still waiting on my left ear to get any better, but if it doesn't that's okay.

So what caused this hearing loss in the first place? Infection. According to my research I will continue to have issues like this with my ears. The more severe sicknesses that my body has to endure, the more likely I will eventually lose my hearing completely, in both ears if not just one of them. Infections run through the blood like wild fire. If they are not being treated with antibiotics of some sort, they may eventually destroy many healthy cells, nerves, and even brain function.

When you have a bacterial infection, you may have high fevers. Your body starts working very hard to kill off the bacteria. Your body closes up your pores, in order to gain more heat temperature in your blood to suffocate the illness. This is why we experience chills or goosebumps. I'm sure this is why.

For those of you out there suffering with illnesses, please try to treat them immediately with a doctor. If you cannot afford it, find a local herbal medicinal store and ask the owner if they know of any concentrates for your specific health issues. Or take notes at a local library or from your nearest pharmacist, and find what you need.

Good health to you. Please take care.


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