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Lost Weight Fast

Updated on May 6, 2011

Lost Weight Fast - Are You Overweight?

Are you overweight?  Do you wish you had more energy to hang out with your kids or spouse?  I fit these descriptions not too long ago.  I, like you, was fed up and wanted to change.  The first thing I did was search for how other people lost weight fast on the internet.  I read article after article trying to find a way to speed up the weight loss process.  After reading article after article I found some common tips:

To start, losing weight isn't something that you should try to rush.  I know this probably turned off a bunch of you, but i just want you to know that there is no secret to how I lost weight fast.  It took lots of willpower, determination, and persistence. 

There are many negative side effects to losing weight too fast: stretch marks, muscle loss, excess skin if you are extremely overweight, etc.  Don't get me wrong though, just because you shouldn't rush weight loss doesn't mean you shouldn't start trying to lose weight right away.  The sooner you start, the sooner you will reach your goals.  Starting was the one thing I had to overcome to lose weight.

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Lost Weight Fast - Exercise

Exercising is, by far, the most important tip. Don't wait until tomorrow to start working out, START NOW! There are 2 types of exercise: aerobic and anaerobic. Both are important to weight loss and good health overall.

Aerobic exercise will trigger fat loss over the entire body. There is no way to lose fat in just a certain area of the body.. Even exercises that target specific muscles will only focus on building and toning them, not getting rid of the excess body fat.

Anaerobic exercise such as weight lifting can be very good for weight loss as well. Anaerobic exercise increases your metabolism during and after a workout. An increased metabolism means less energy stored as fat.

The best exercise or exercise machine would be one that incorporates aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The Ab Doer Twist is an example of an as seen on tv exercise machine that performs both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. An example of an exercise that would do both aerobic and anaerobic exercise could be running with a parachute on.

Lost Weight Fast - Get Motivated

The next tip for learning how to lose your body fat is to stay motivated.  If you have trouble getting motivated, maybe reading the risks associated with excess body fat will get you motivated.  There is the mental concerns with having excess body fat; emotional issues, self-confidence problems, embarrassment, etc. The physical side effects can include increased risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, the list goes on and on.

Another way to stay motivated is to diet and exercise with a group of close friends or family.  It is important to have a support group when trying to make any change in life.  This is especially true with trying to lose weight.

Lost Weight Fast - Improve your Nutrition

Replace the fattier and more manufactured foods with more healthy options. Changing your diet, alone, may be enough to stimulate your desired weight loss. Don't starve yourself because it will slow down your metabolism, cause you to have mood swings and your body may begin using muscle as fuel.

Some examples of things you should not be eating are desserts (some desserts may be okay, but, in general, this is an unhealthy group), fast food, processed snack foods , tv dinners (some lean dinners may be okay, but you should still perform your due diligence), and anything fried.

Eat monounsaturated fats because it can prevent the accumulation of stomach fat. Avoid foods with trans fats such as cookies or crackers.

Eat soluble fiber to lower insulin levels. This speeds up the burning of body fat. This can also lower the chance of developing type 2 diabetes,  Add fiber to your diet a little at a time because the bacteria in your digestive system needs time to adapt to your new fiber intake.

Lost Weight Fast - In Conclusion

There is no secret to learning how to lose your body fat. If I only could tell a person one tip on how to lose your body fat it would be to take action. You can't lose weight if you aren't trying to.


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