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Autumn Love- Natural Anxiety Remedy

Updated on November 4, 2012

Natural anxiety remedy...

Posted on November 3, 2012


I love autumn.

I love the different shades of the leaves. I love the deep pink, the bright orange, the graceful gold and fading green. I love the bursts of colour.

I love the way the leaves just lie there effortlessly, beautifully.

I love the coolness of autumn.

I especially love the October air it’s a gentle cool rather than a depressing cool. Just cool enough to make the tip of your nose feel cold.

Autumn has this calming effect on me. When the silent heat of my panic attacks wraps itself around my neck, along my back and across my stomach, clogging up my mind, the autumn breeze gently soothes it away. Like the heat, it is silent and like the heat, it is powerful.

Sometimes just taking a walk through the park and admiring God’s creation is enough to clear up my mind and enable me to break free from the clutches of meaningless but uncontrollable fear, even if it’s just for moments.

Lesson that I have learnt: Take time out to ponder about God’s creation,to enjoy nature, to absorb beauty.

My panic attacks/anxiety has rooted itself so deep within me that I have no control over it. It comes and goes whenever it pleases. Sometimes I feel like there is electricity shooting withing my scalp. The heat spreads itself across my body. Sometimes it crawls from the tops of my shoulders to my arms. Sometimes it slides down my sides. Almost always I feel as though my face and ears are as hot as the sun, yet when I touch my face it feels cool.

Yet, regardless of the crazy things that my body is doing and regardless of the strength of the devastation within me, the mere remembrance of God and His powers is enough to aid me.

If we look closely we can find beauty in the things that are taken for granted
If we look closely we can find beauty in the things that are taken for granted | Source


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