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Love - Happiness in Disguise

Updated on May 21, 2015

Love = Happiness

Love, it is a wonderful emotion or is it. From my perceptive, the emotion love is actually a sub-emotion that is caused by happiness. When an object or a living thing causes happiness to a person, that person experiences love. For an example, your mother makes you happy, thus you'll love her. The same rules apply for hatred. When someone or something causes you sorrow, you'll hate it/them, at least temporarily. This is just a short theory of mine. This article is going to discuss about two main types of love, pure and romantic.


Romantic love, the most common type of love. Romantic love happens when two people are attracted to each other physically. They could also be attracted to each other just for the sake of romance. Romantic love usually leads sexual relationships. The most common type people who experience romantic love is adolescences. Because of their hormonal development, adolescences will start to develop romantic desires. Most romantic love cases become puppy love in the end while some become true love. Once romantic love becomes true love, the lovers will start caring for each other. In some marriages, true love may not be developed.


As pure as gold, pure love consists of pure thoughts only. As you can tell, this is common among family and friends. When you truly love someone and at the same time not sexually attracted to them, that will be called pure love in it's purest. There is a small percentage of boy:girl relationships which are made of pure love. They would be considered best friends. Unlike romantic love, pure love will never end. If you divorced your spouse, who would you go to first. Your first pure love, your parents.


Basically, true love occurs when you start caring for a person and in return, that person cares for you. This means you could have multiple true loves, but as the above theory explains, you and that person should be happy because of each other. In romantic love, the number of true love transformations is decreasing. You can tell this by the condition of people. Recently, the number of people divorcing has increased. The number of people having sexual relations with other than their spouse is also slowly increasing. On the other hand, pure love may already be true love when formed. When you love some mentally, you'd probably started caring for them instantly.

Love = Happiness (Extended)

When you romantic love someone, you're happy because of their physically features or you want to be happy with them. For pure love, you're happy to be with them, you're not attracted to them. In both types of love, you might start developing careness for each other, while the pure love has the higher transformation percentage.

Blind love

Blind love is when you love some and think it's true love. Blind love is not always mutual. One of the lovers of blind love might use the blindness of the other to their advantage. They might command them, use them or even treat them as a money dog. When person A is blindly in love with person B, person B causes extreme happiness to person A just by their presence. The tortures that person B bestows upon person A will cause more happiness. Most people who are blindly in love won't even listen to other's advice. They would remain love to that person until their hearts get crushed. To simply say it, blind love will never exist for more than a short period of time.

Hatred = Sadness (Short Theory)

Just like love, hatred is also a sub-emotion. Hatred is caused by sadness. When you hate someone, the probability is that they've caused you sadness or sorrow. Even if a loved one makes you sad, you might feel a very tiny amount of hatred towards them, at least temporarily. Example, when you loving brother says something mean, you would would be saddened by those words and might hate him temporarily. Unlike love, hatred could also be considered as a fully fledged emotion as you might not be necessarily sad when you hate someone. The amount of hatred caused by sadness could be very little, unlike love.


To summarize, love is actually a sub-emotion caused by happiness which is caused by another other object or living thing. There are two major types of love. Hatred is a sub-emotion caused by sadness caused by an object or living thing. Hatred could also be considered as a fully fledged emotion.

All of the above information is just my theory. This theory isn't professionally generated. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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