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Love Life Always

Updated on November 17, 2012

As I sit today and teach my child

How to add and subtract,

I feel my brain going wild

When he doesn’t comprehend

I explain, I repeat, I mumble, I exclaim

But nothing seems to go in

I see in his eyes the shame

Because he cannot understand

The child of mine, is afraid to grin

He cannot overcome the blame

That his mind puts on his soul

Telling him he cannot win

It breaks my heart to see this struggle

But then I think

The war between the mind and soul

Even as adults we tend to juggle

We try, we work, we persist, we accomplish

Yet we feel like failures

And yearn for more

The mind is covered with a layer of coal

That tells us we will never succeed

How can I tell my little one?

It's okay not to know

All the mysteries of the world

To just follow the valleys

Of the heart, mind and soul

And to remember

Love Life Always………………


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