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Love, Loss and Angels

Updated on June 30, 2012

Losing a loved one totally changes perspectives in so many areas in life, at least it did in my experience! I lost my Mom, my stepmom, my brother and my cousin, all within 8 months’ time in 2008. People I love and care about are losing their loved ones this year and it is literally knocking the wind out of their sails. Even the small children are being totally thrown off balance in the loss of these loved ones.

It’s extremely tough to lose those we love so much, even when we realized ahead of time that they were already sick. I walked around in a fog for about two months or so when my Mom passed away. She had been sick most of her life and yet, it shocked me to pieces to hear she died from a heart attack due to diabetes.

After my family members died, I ended up being physically sick with a montage of illnesses for most of seventeen months. I even had a biopsy/cancer scare during that time and that added to my changed perspective on life.

Many things I have “remembered” from the spiritual side of myself since these deaths are things I already knew, I just wasn’t so deeply touched by them until everyone started passing on. The major thing I “remembered” and have started living is this: Show love to EVERYONE! Those you don’t know, don’t understand, don’t have positive feelings about all the time…show love to them! Be kind when you come face-to-face with them. Accept that they are who they are even if you don’t like their ways or don’t know them well. Let them be who they are. Don’t ever, ever take anything they say personally because it is never about you, it’s about them and their perceptions. Learning to accept those people will benefit YOUR life. It may not ever change them, unless you are around them enough to be a living example. The benefit YOU get will be that you will feel better about yourself, you will have a deeper sense of self-worth, and you will be closer to your “Highest” self. You will be living the closest version of who you were intended to be when God first had you in His mind as a sparkle of Thought!

Another thing I “remembered” is that I have more compassion, empathy and understanding for those who are suffering than I ever had before I lost my loved ones. I used to feel bad for people who lost loved ones or were struggling emotionally, physically or in other ways. Now I have a far deeper sense of caring and empathy for anyone who is living the experiences I have had and even those I haven’t had.

With the shock of having a biopsy, (not knowing I was going to have one until I went to the doctor that day), it jarred me into the thought that my life might be way shorter than I had hoped it would be. It caused me to be more conscious of the beautiful things I see in the world around me. I appreciate the weather, the sunsets, sunrises, nature, even beautiful buildings and the awareness of the people around me in their beauty, just being themselves. There is perfection even in the imperfection, you know! I have a more positive attitude, I have more acceptance of others, and I am calmer and more patient with people, events, and situations and have more self-acceptance than I ever had.

My heart goes out to those who have recently lost people they love and cherish. The awesome news is that those they feel they have lost are more WITH them now than they had ever been while they were here on Earth. I believe those loved ones are now in a far happier, calmer, more peaceful place than they could have ever experienced here in their human body. I believe they are able to hear us, see us, go with us, listen to us and comfort us more than was ever possible. They help us experience miracles in our lives, way more than we could ever have imagined. I know this from experience. I have talked to my Mom more since 2008 than I was ever able to when she was here in human form. I believe with all my heart that she has heard my pleas and she and God have opened doors for me in more ways than I ever dreamed would happen. I believe that those who have gone on before me are now my guardian angels and that they all have my best interest in mind. I believe they will never leave me, never forget me and they will all be there to greet me when it’s my turn to advance to a more peaceful place on the rest of this journey in life.

I know they no longer suffer physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or financially. They are all in a place where they are their best. They have everything they have ever longed for. I know this because I had a near-death experience when I was six-years-old. I was in a coma and got to glimpse a tiny bit of the beautiful place they now share.

I pray with all my heart that my friends and loved ones realize the grieving they are doing is for themselves, it’s for the loss of us not having that person here physically, for the thought of “losing” that person and yet, those that are gone need no grief. They are whole, complete, happy, peaceful and content. I know this in my heart. I truly believe it.

My wish is that those friends and family of mine realize that I am still here, I am here for them, I will be here for them as long as I can be, as long as they choose me to be. I am only human, I have faults and make mistakes but I would do anything for them, within my power to do so. I love them with all my heart and no matter what they do, think, feel or say, I will love them forever.


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