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Florence, Italy: Love Yourself- Hire a Life Coach

Updated on December 11, 2015

Sophie Kruijsdijk

I first met professional Life Coach, Sophie Kruijsdijk, at the wonderful “Live it Local” event in Palazzo Belfiore this past October. We exchanged business cards, and a month later I received an email from her offering me a complimentary mini life-coaching session. Since I strive to promote local businesses and interesting, creative people on my “C. De Melo” Facebook page, I accepted.

I met Sophie at a quiet cafe where she explained the concept of life coaching to me before initiating our session. I will admit that I was extremely skeptical. Sophie asked me to think of a goal or an objective, so I told her that one of my writing projects had reached a dead-end.

Exactly thirty minutes later, I was teary-eyed and grateful with a head full of ideas and positive resolutions to improve my life/writing career. Seriously. Rather than merely doling out advice, Sophie asked stimulating questions, which compelled me to really think before formulating answers. Throughout this exercise she monitored my responses and gave helpful feedback (much like Socratic dialectics, where Socrates would help his opponent arrive at the final knowledge of virtues through deeply questioning his beliefs). Many of us possess a plethora of life experience within us, yet it may become inaccessible under layers of daily stress. When properly extracted, however, it is like having an epiphany.

My initial goal was to overcome writer’s block, but the more Sophie questioned me, the more I realized that there were deeper issues lurking beneath the surface- issues that were hindering my potential. It was like walking down a long hallway and opening one door after another.

Life coaches are not therapists in the traditional sense of the word, but my session (albeit short) was in many ways cathartic. Listening to myself describe the problems and solutions made them real because spoken words hold power. I became suddenly aware of what needed to be done, and the moment I voiced this aloud, it became a commitment.

Sophie mainly works with foreigners in Florence/ Italy who are struggling with cultural issues. Being far from one’s native country and not having a family nucleus to readily offer support may prove challenging for some. Life coaching can help a person to develop the skills required to make his or her stay in Florence the best that it can be both professionally and socially.

Sophie received her training in Rome from the globally recognized International Life Coaching Federation. Sessions are 100% private and confidential. The rate is 70 euro per hour and packages are also available. Sophie is fluent in English, Dutch and Italian, and she offers sessions on Skype to those who live outside of Florence. Remember: the best investment you can make is in yourself. For more information, please visit:

As always, thank you for reading!

C. De Melo
Author & Artist


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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      When I was younger I had a spiritual director and I felt I was growing but now that I am older, I just haven't gone to one. Maybe, it is time to get a life coach.

    • Dbro profile image


      3 years ago from Texas, USA

      This is a very interesting and timely article for me. My husband is contemplating retirement, and he is struggling with the same issues you mention here. In truth, I think we all could benefit from the insight of a life coach at certain points in our lives.

      Thank you for drawing attention to the valuable service these professionals provide.


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