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Loving Yourself and Finding Happiness

Updated on September 8, 2016

Secret to Transforming Your Life by Loving Yourself

Secret to Transforming Your Life by Loving Yourself
Secret to Transforming Your Life by Loving Yourself | Source

When I look back to many of the problems that I have had in my relationships, many of them seem to have to do with not loving myself. I remember as a kid that I was always so full of life, bouncing off the walls with excitement at even the smallest of things. I was so proud of myself not matter how small the accomplishment was. I loved my hair, my freckles, my voice, my creativity, and especially my energy. I was never tired it seemed back then, I was up and ready to take on the day and all that came with it.

But like you, somewhere I think I lost my way. Something happened that turned me into one of those people who wakes up looking to just get through each day. I found myself wishing the weekends were here, to only find out that they flew by faster each time. How the heck did I wind up here? What did I do back then that changed the way that I look at the world and everyone in my life? It took me a long time to really sit down and analyze where things changed for me, and I think if you allow me to take you on that journey you might find out a little about yourself as well.

Quotes About Loving Yourself and Finding Happiness

I really used to love being in love with myself. I could conquer the world just because someone told me I couldn’t. Now I wake up and as soon as someone says they don’t like my hair I get offended. I get sad and depressed more easily and I look for reasons to be upset each day. I stopped loving myself, and in turn stopped loving life too. I know that you are thinking that the circumstances in your life right now are out of your hands, that a higher power or force is at work pulling the strings in your life. If that were the case, the world would be a much different place indeed.

The decisions of the world would be left up to chance and we would all just float down the raging river, changing directions as the river does. We do have the ability to not only change the course of our lives, we can do it instantly. Yes, I said if you wanted to change the course of your life you can do it in an instant. I leaned that I have more power inside me than I ever really knew by having to tackle some challenges in my life. I am not saying that because a person has a challenge that they get through, that they will instantly be a better person. What I am saying is that we all learn valuable information from that experiences that we can use to change the direction of out boats.

If you simply let your boat float down the river, you are going to eventually end up where all the other boats go. We have the unique ability to be able to control the sails of our boats, and regardless which way the wind is blowing, we can keep that boat headed in the direction we choose.

How Did I Stop Loving Myself?

How Did I Stop Loving Myself?
How Did I Stop Loving Myself? | Source

Too many people have been beaten up by the wind in their life, they simply think that they can not control it with their sails any longer. They sit on the deck of the boat and they just hope or wish that the boat, or their life, will wind up in a better place. This is how I go to be at the lowest points of my life.

I gave up on trying anymore and simply decided that life was going to dictate my future, wherever that may be. I was pushed into uncomfortable circumstances that I had to deal with rather than turning my boat in the opposite direction and avoiding them. I had the power all along to avoid these problems, I just decided it was easier to just stop fighting life and let it take me where it will.

Many of you are in that position right now. You think “What is the point of adjusting your sails because the next storm will soon follow?” I can tell you that in the beginning the storms might seem like they are going to swallow up your whole boat. But as you get through one storm, you gain a little insight as to how to handle the next one. By the time you get through a few dozen of these storms and look back, you’re the captain of your own ship again.

Stop Being Hard on Yourself: Learn to Forgive

Stop Being Hard on Yourself: Learn to Forgive
Stop Being Hard on Yourself: Learn to Forgive | Source

Why not climb on board and let me show you how loving yourself again is going to transform everything about your world. It doesn’t matter if you are having trouble with work, relationships, health, or your finances. They are all rooted in one place, they are all dependent on how your brain processes the information.

Once I learned that loving myself was the key to all my trouble, I began to experience those feelings I had as a little girl all over again. It was almost like magic, I really could not imagine that those feelings would ever find me again. I can show you the secrets to loving yourself again by taking you on a trip with me to show you how I made those unique changes that turned my boat around forever. Just remember that the next ten years of your life are going to arrive whether you want them to or not.

Where you are when those days arrive is all up to you, you can let them arrive on their own or you can make changes that affect the way you arrive in the future. Start your journey and discover how you stopped loving yourself.

Let's Talk About Finding Happiness

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