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Loving yourself enough to make changes

Updated on January 12, 2013

Losing weight and learning to love myself

I need to lose the weight that I hide behind.   It’s very difficult.  I suppose that I hide behind my largeness as a way of protecting myself.  People avoid larger people.  They don't offer as much attention.  I don't have to put myself  "out there" like I used to.  It's time... time for me.  Time to be reborn again.


Listen to the rain as it pours from the sky

Listen to the rain gently rolling down my cheek.

Mother Nature cries with me;

a torrential downpour

covering the ground below

with salt water...

sadness and pain.

The lightning rips across the sky

as it does across my heart.

Ripe wounds and fresh scars gape-

unable to heal quickly.

The thunder screams in pain

and I clutch my chest wishing that I could love myself completely.

As quickly as the storm passes through,

my tears stop.

Yet, I cannot forget about my pain...

My weeping is barely audible

as I sit slumped over in a small puddle.

I am tired of drowning in my tears

and hopelessness grabbing me around the neck.

I slowly attempt to crawl toward the sunshine.




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