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Low Carb Frozen Treats from Breyers Carb Smart

Updated on September 23, 2009

Are you trying to stick to a controlled carbohydrate diet plan, yet find yourself craving ice cream? While it's important to be careful about what kind of ice cream you eat, enjoying a sweet frozen dessert treat is not out of the question when you're cutting back on carbohydrates. Breyers Carb Smart product line is a terrific option that low carbers can enjoy!

About Breyers Carb Smart

Look for Breyers Carb Smart products in your grocer's freezer, along with other ice cream and frozen dessert items. The Carb Smart product line features several options that can work with a carbohydrate controlled eating plan.

Almond Ice Cream Bars – These tasty frozen treats consist of low carb ice cream covered by a chocolate candy coating that is dotted with crunchy and delicious almonds. Each bar contains just 5 net carbs. They are packaged in boxes of six bars.

Chocolate Dairy Dessert – If you'd like to enjoy scoops of delicious chocolate decadence, try Carb Smart Chocolate Dairy Dessert, a diet bargain with just 4 net carbohydrates per serving. Scoop and enjoy a bowl of chocolate goodness or blend with ice, heavy cream or Hood Calorie Countdown milk to make a low carb diet-friendly chocolate shake. This frozen treat comes in a 1.5 quart container.

Fudge Bars – What could be more refreshing than a rich and creamy frozen chocolate fudge bar? With just 3 net carbs per serving Breyers Carb Smart Fudge bars are a perfect dessert choice or snack item for low carbers. Each package contains six bars.

Vanilla Dairy Dessert – If you're a fan of vanilla ice cream, you'll likely be very pleased with the creamy goodness of Breyers Carb Smart Vanilla Dairy dessert, especially when you learn that you can enjoy a serving of this tasty vanilla treat for just 4 net carbohydrates. Enjoy it right out of the carton, or make a creamy vanilla milkshake with ice and heavy cream or Hood Calorie Countdown milk. You can also add flavored sugar free Davinci Syrup to create different varieties of milk shakes. This product is sold in a 1.5 quart container.

Vanilla Ice Cream Bars – These delicious bars feature a generous serving of low carb vanilla dairy dessert covered with a chocolate candy coating. Each bar contains 5 grams of net carb. They are available in boxes of six bars.

Diet Tip: Remember That Calories Do Count

Remember that calories count too, even when you're following a controlled carb diet plan. It's fine to enjoy frozen treats in moderation, as part of a balanced and healthy diet that is low in sugar and refined grain products, but be careful not to overindulge.  


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