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Low budget ways to lose weight

Updated on May 14, 2017
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Low Calorie

You can start by making sure that you go on a low calorie diet instead of changing too many of your habits. You have to make sure that everything you eat is low calorie for the day and the week. If you stick to the low calorie diet and make sure that you exercise then you are on your way to losing weight. If you think that this diet is not for you then you can try something else that will keep you under your budget.


Yes, organic can be a little expensive, but you can actually get a few things under your budget. You don't have to change everything in your home to organic but if you just change a few things around then you can lose the weight that you want. Example you can buy organic tea instead of adding Lipton to your diet if you love to drink tea. Simple little changes will help you start to stay on track to losing weight.

Add Exercise

Food is the biggest thing that will keep you from losing weight but lets step away from the food and talk about exercise. When you change your food around you have to make sure that you exercise as well. You would want to start off slow and then go from there. You should try and get in at least three to four days a week of exercise. Remember that you have to burn more than you eat when it comes to exercising. You don't have to run everyday or do a lot of cardio all the time just do something that you know that you would love to do because this will keep you on top of exercising and keep you motivated.

Water, Water

You have to always remember to drink a lot of water. You can start by drinking a bottle and then move up from there but you should get in enough so that you can see a change in your weight later. You may feel a little bloated but that will pass once you really start adding more water to your diet. This is a great way to get rid of that belly fat too and it is always better to stay hydrated. Drink what you need and nothing more because water can be dangerous if you drink too much.

The best way to get in your water is to keep track and you can even buy you a nice cup or bottle that you love so that you can always remember to drink your water especially on really hot days. Drink it when you work out and after a workout so that you won't pass out or anything. Drinking it with meals will help you stay full longer and not be so hungry.

Cut meat low

You have to go through and cut meat lower. This means that you should make sure that you eat less red meat as well as meat in general so that you can start to lose weight. Meat is one food that many cannot stop eating but if you cut the meat low then you have a better chance of getting the weight off. If you want to eat meat make sure that you try and get 95% lean or less if needed. You should make sure that you get a lot of protein but if you know that you are not a meat person then be sure to get a shake or two that can add more protein and or eat cashews or some peanuts.

Choose Wisely

When you are on a budget and you want to workout and be healthy make sure that you choose your food wisely because this can make all of the difference. You would want to add more fruits and veggies so this will be an awesome way to save money. You can go all out and get a few pounds here and there of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Remember that there is nothing wrong with can fruit and veggies either especially if you know that you can't get anything else for a while.

You can stock up on canned goods but just make sure that you watch what you eat and how much you eat. Once you are able to get a little more you can add on broccoli and many other different types of foods that you know you will love but remember to choose everything wisely and don't beat yourself up if you think you chose something wrong. Make sure that you look up what you need to eat and if it is something that you can do without then don't get it again.

Final Thought

When it comes to exercising you have to make sure that you try and follow through. You won't see results overnight but they will appear as long as you keep going. You can choose to use exercise apps so that when you are on the go you can still get in a workout. If you want to lose weight stay committed and strong. On the other hand, this is a great and low-budget way to make sure that you are spending less money and losing the weight that you want.


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