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Low Glycemic Diet

Updated on March 3, 2011
Low Glycemic Diet
Low Glycemic Diet
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Low Glycemic Diet

The Low Glycemic Diet, sometimes called the "Low Glycemic Diet" will improve the well being of people with diabetes. If you're suffering with diabetes, you just need the low carb diet that fits your own taste. It will: Lower your blood sugar levels. Lower your HbA1c. Reduce "highs" and "lows". Help you lose weight. Reduce your risk of heart disease.

Low Glycemic Diet on breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, I personally recommend Foods of relatively low GI Value around or below 50. You'd better choose low GI Foods than high GI Foods.

Fruits: Cherries, grapes,fresh pear,dried apricots, peach Juice, plum,apple,strawberries

  • Pay Attention to the FRESH CANNED and DRIED. The higher the food has been processed, the higher GI it possesses.

Vegetables: Cabbage, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, red peppers, carrots, green peas

Sweeteners GI Food: Marmalade

Dairy Foods:Yogurt, whole milk, skim milk, ice cream(low fat, premium)


Recommended Foods: hummus, peanuts,walnuts,cashews, peanut candies, milk chocolate, yam

  • Blood Sugar Tests:

1.Test your blood sugar right before a regular meal.

2.Test it and record the results One Hour After eating.

3. Test it again before a Low Glycemic Food meal.

4. Again, test and record the results One hour after eating.

5. You'd better do the test at the same time of different days, because the breakfast time average blood sugar level is different from supper time for a certain person.

6. Compare the two and see the great difference they make.

Principle for Low GI Diet

The less processed, the healthier for people with diabetes. Natural foods without much processing is the first choice for most of the case.

Check full Low GI Food List.



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    • profile image

      ChrissieMissie 6 years ago

      It can be hard to know what foods are low glycemic and whether a meal is or not. Its much easier to join a low glycemic diet so that everything has been measured and calculated for you.