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Lucid Dreaming Experiences

Updated on June 9, 2011

OK, so you had a bad dream. But, the dream felt so real so vivid that when you wake up it takes you a while to realise it was just a dream. As the day continues the dream still replays in your mind. This is happening to me today and it has happened in the past too.

My dream last night basically involved my girlfriend (who is from a different country) marrying her ex boyfriend, and abandoning me at the airport without my luggage and missing my plan with no money to get a new ticket. I woke up feeling traumatised.

What made the dream more realistic is the fact that nothing really crazy happened like, no flying people, colour were normal. everything seemed just like real life. I have read that this is a "lucid" dream. Where you are away and start to dream without seeming to fall asleep. It makes it seem all that much realer.

Sleeping Kitty

Sleeping Kitty
Sleeping Kitty | Source

I previously had a lucid dream at university. Basically I was in a lecture and thought it was strange that the lecture put his brief case on the desk and started throwing his papers everywhere and shouting. I realised that he would not possibly do this so while I was dreaming I realised that I was in a dream and asleep so I woke myself up to find the lecture standing normally talking away. It was a really interesting experience how reality seamlessly just slipped into a dream.

If you read this and have any similar experiences do leave a comment, they always make interesting reads.


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    • Zoidian profile image

      Zoidian 7 years ago from Newcastel upon Tyne, England

      It is funny how they do haunt you for a day or so after. I've never had a good lucid dream, be nice to feel like I have won the lotto for a day :)

    • profile image 7 years ago

      I too have lucid dreams. In my most recent dream my husband died. When I woke it took awhile for me to realize it was a dream. My husband was away at the time. Talk about being traumatized. Thanks for sharing.