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Lupus and Its Effect On The Body

Updated on January 12, 2017

Who Gets Lupus

Lupus can affect anyone of any race or ethnicity but women are more likely to be affect. According to, nine out of ten people affected by Lupus are women and minority women are more likely to be affected than Caucasian with African American women being the most likely to be affected. Also It is more likely to strike between the ages of 15 1nd 45 years old but anyone can get it at any age.

What Causes Lupus

No one knows for sure what cause Lupus but individuals with a family history of Lupus is more pruned to be affected by it. Also, some individuals are predisposed to have this disease but it remains dormant until it is triggered by excessive sunlight, environmental toxins or stress. The latter being most likely to trigger a flare up.

What is Lupus

How is Lupus Diagnosed

It is very difficult to arrive at a diagnosis for Lupus because (1) it mirrors several other diseases and (2) there is no specific test to diagnose Lupus. As a result it is often misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed. Mild flare ups tend to be most likely to be misdiagnosed.To arrive at a diagnosis, several other diseases are eliminated first. Blood tests such as DS-DNA and ANA are done to check for Lupus. A positive ANA result usually means Lupus is active in the body. A individual can have lupus but it remains dormant until it is trigger. Stress is the most common trigger. However, blood test alone cannot be used to make a diagnosis, therefore a medical practitioner must also review the symptoms being experienced by the patient.

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Symptoms Of Lupus

There are many symptoms associated with this disease. A person suffering from lupus does not necessarily displays all symptoms and each person tend to experience different symptoms. The most common ones are malaise, joint pain, fatigue, malarial rash on the face, sudden unexplainable weight loss, headache, flu, muscle pain, hair loss and depression. Sometime there is sensitivity to light, including sunlight, anxiety fever, anemia dry mouth and pain while breathing.


Having lupus usually means having several other major illnesses resulting from the body attacking itself. When lupus is active, this is usually referred to as a flare, the bodies immune system becomes overactive and mistakes the body for a foreign object and starts fighting against the body. The lungs , kidney, heart, skin, digestive, nervous and reproductive systems are likely to be affected at one point or the other. The kidney, and the lung are affected most often.

Its very common for individuals with Lupus to develop Kidney failure, lungs and heart problem, lupus fog which causes confusion and memory impairment, and seizure disorder. Sjogrens syndrome, Raynaud's snydrome and Nerve pain are also common people with lupus.

Fatigue and pain are the too most reported symptoms of lupus. Kidney failure, which often results in the End Stage Renal Desease, ESRD, and the need for dialysis treatment and maybe a kidney transplant, is also common.

ESRD is typically permanent, thus requiring individuals to either remain on dialysis for the rest of their life or get a kidney from a donor.

Heart problems are also very common among individuals suffering from lupus.

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Coping with Lupus

Lupus has no cure and some of the medication use to treat it has severe side effects and can also lead to more complications. One example is Plaquenil which can cause blindness. The best way to cope with a lupus dianosis is to avoid triggers. Sunlight and stress are two common trigger. Some tips that I have tried are;

  • Avoid exposure to the sun by minimizing the time spent outdoors and protect yourself with hats and sunshades, in the daytime
  • Follow all instructions given by you medical provider{s}
  • Learn relaxing techniques to help alleviate stress
  • Trying to aviod stressors altogether can be frustrating, and leads to more stress, so, rather than trying eliminate- learn how to handle stress
  • Maintain a positive mind set regardless of your situation

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