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Lying leads to Emotional Deprivation

Updated on July 1, 2014

Lying Can Cause Emotional Deprivation

There are six essential components to an individual's human development in which assist with maintaining and sustaining emotional health. Security, Love, Emotions, Intimacy, Significance and Affirmation. It has been reported by researchers that within the developmental stages of life if a human being that has not receive all or lack one of these components can possibly be medically diagnosed as being emotional deprived. God has created us to be relational people with emotions and I have come to realize that whenever we come in contact with another person whether the experience is negative or positive our emotions are impacted.

Lying is so much part of our world and it is deeply ingrained that we barely even notice it. Psychologist Robert Feldman, found that "lying is closely tied to self-esteem." He has concluded that the more people feel their self-esteem is threatened, the more they lie. It is not always to impress others but it is definitely to maintain a certain view of ourselves that is consistent to who portray we really are. Lying is so prevalent in our everyday lives we don't know who to believe any longer. There are lying politicians friends, spouses, businesses owners and even people in the church lie. When an individual find it difficult to be their authentic self, they are suffering from being emotional deprivation. Lying leads to emotional deprivation because the energy that is put into maintaining a lie and to keep a peaceful image the person can fall under inhuman rules to follow that ultimately becomes exhausting. For example, Don't show your true feelings, be nice all the time even when it hurts, don't fight, obey authority at all times and I really like this don't address the pink elephant or hot topic in the room and the list goes on and on. Time and time again there is no output or safe place for people to express their true feelings. Instead people are constantly faced with persons who are judgmental, self- righteousness and the plain ole " Holy Roller", you know the one who never did anything wrong, the person who dots all their "I's" and crossed all their "T's".

Today is it scarcely not applicable for people to live in truth when everyone around them is living a lie themselves. The truth is if you build your relationship with a lie, it will end with a lie. When we begin to live in truth you will begin to experience a level of freedom to the degree of truth you live in. It is Lying that gives a short term relief, but there is a high cost of consequences to pay. Lying only destroys your emotional stability and further more the most precious relationships. I encourages you to live in and speak truth...Commit to telling the truth and do it honestly, respectfully and concisely in a timely manner with an attitude of grace. It is so easy to spin the truth to keep the peace with others but your inner peace remains conflicted with untruth, sadness and unresolved resentment when you make the choice to lie, rather than tell the truth. Most importantly when we lie to ourselves and to others we hurt ourselves with tying a chain around our necks with the bondage of untruth. In addition, we hurt the person who buys into the lie and the more your lying continues the more illusions you've created, later on finds out the truth that ultimately violates the trust they once had in you.

Truth living is the remedy to rebuilding our emotional status and self- esteem. God is our ultimate truth and when we take him out of our lives we fail to live in truth. It is the truth that will set you free... How will you choose to live today.


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