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Lyme Disease - IV Lyme Disease With Magnesium Deficiency. Protecting the Brain With Lithium

Updated on May 22, 2014

Lyme Disease with Magnesium Deficiency

Lyme Disease – IV - Lyme Disease With Magnesium Deficiency

The body requires magnesium (best form is magnesium chloride) for its very survival and for proper immune system function. It is one of the nutrients stolen by the Lyme bacteria on a daily basis causing a magnesium deficiency. Taking a magnesium (chloride) supplement reduces symptoms, restores the immune system, and increases the rate of recovery. Many symptoms of Lyme disease are really a nutrient deficiency. By increasing certain nutrients the immune system of the (human) host is better able to fight the disease. Examples of symptoms resulting from magnesium deficiency/ Lyme disease are cramping, muscle and joint problems, muscle twitching, bipolar disorder, short term memory loss, depression, heart and vision problems, and inflammation. Magnesium chloride is an immune system stimulator. Eliminating magnesium deficiency restores the immune system initiating a herx reaction because the immune system is more effective in fighting the infection. Thus, the immune system itself becomes the body’s most effective fighter against Lyme disease.

Magnesium is a great infection fighter and plays a critical role in Lyme’s pathology. With a magnesium supplement the dormant layers of Lyme, the cyst form, will become activated to get the magnesium which now is more available in the blood, and convert back to the spirochete form. Rife machine treatments are more successful at this point and produce a stronger herx reaction. (More about Rife machines in another section.)The suggested dosage is 200-400 mg a day, broken up into three different times of the day. Start at a low level and gradually increase the dosage. Magnesium may cause a herx reaction. Do this under the supervision of a doctor, knowledgeable in the treatment of Lyme disease, especially if you have any kind of heart condition.

Protecting Your Brain with Lithium Orotate

Lithium, is a mineral, not a drug, and is sold as a prescription drug product for serious mental illness. Lithium drugs are given in extremely high doses and mask the symptoms of toxic poisoning (from Lyme and prescription drugs, both synthetic and natural) and can have serious side effects. Lithium orotate, an over the counter type of lithium, is given in smaller doses (5-20 mg a day) and is effective in treating illnesses like OCD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression. It stabilizes the brain and improves symptoms of mental illness. It acts on the part of the brain which controls mood and emotions, probably by shielding the brain from neurotoxins, including Lyme disease neurotoxins. It decreases many neurological symptoms. It protects the brain from most toxins that wind up in the brain and has an anti-aging effect on the brain. With a small amount of lithium, Lyme disease sufferers will notice huge improvements in memory, mood, motivation, and aggressive feelings.

Other Benefits of Lithium

  • It almost completely eliminates cluster headaches and psychiatric symptoms.
  • Lyme disease causes decreased blood flow to the brain. Lithium prevents brain cell death from reduced blood flow after a stroke.
  • Lithium may be able to protect the brain from the negative effects of aluminum, one of the toxins thought to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Incidence of crime in 27 Texas counties were significantly reduced when drinking water supplies were infused with 70 to 170 ug (micrometer) of lithium per liter. These results strongly suggest that lithium in low doses usually has a beneficial effect on human behavior. Lyme disease is often associated with “Lyme Rage,” violence, and suicide, as well as other health conditions such as autism and Tourete’s syndrome. Therefore, lithium may be invaluable in helping Lyme patients who suffer from behavior problems.
  • People who suffer from Lyme are usually affected by co-infections from other bacteria, viruses, and parasites. When exposed to lithium the Epstein-Barr virus, the measles virus, and herpes episodes were greatly reduced.
  • Lyme disease is primarily a disease of the central nervous system (includes the brain). As the body is fighting off infection, lithium supplements will help preserve brain function. It’s anti-aging effects on the brain includes the ability to increase gray matter, stimulate production of new brain cells, and prevent shrinking of the brain as we age.

Lithium is cleared by the kidneys and is therefore not safe for people with weak kidneys or kidney disorders, cardiovascular disease, dehydration, or sodium depletion. In these cases, lithium supplements may not be beneficial. Always consult a knowledgeable Lyme doctor before taking any lithium supplements. They may also interfere with other medications. Lithium orotate is not FDA approved. The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments - Bryan Rosner p, 261-273

Please keep checking my blog. There will be new information on a weekly basis.


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