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Lyme Disease - Part VI - The Rife Machine

Updated on June 6, 2014

Lyme Disease - The Rife Machine

Lyme Disease – Part VI – The Rife Machine

Our immune system uses electricity to ward off invading microorganisms. (Science & Vie Magazine) Human leucocytes kill bacteria and pathogenic fungi by electrocution. Rife machines are an electrical treatment for infections. The Lyme infection responds very well to electrical therapies. Microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) each have a specific vibratory frequency or “mortal oscillatory rate” (MOR) to which they can be exposed resulting in their deactivation or death. A Rife machine is the electronic apparatus used to delivers this frequency (MOR) to the body. It delivers this frequency by applying an invisible electromagnetic field to the body. The field passes through the entire body and disables targeted microorganisms (like spirochetes). In the early stage of Lyme, the Rife Machine is the only known treatment that kills spirochetes and does not allow them to convert to the Cell-Wall-Deficient and cyst form. (The 10 Top Lyme Treatments – p. 295). The longer that you’ve been sick and the more severe your symptoms, the longer the recovery process will be. The long recovery process is a result of the Lyme bacteria grouping together inside the body in dense colonies. The treatments will only affect the outer layers of the colony. It takes time to peel off the layers and destroy the bacteria. No single approach or therapy will be enough to defeat Lyme disease. The treatment approach must be multifaceted, incorporating antibacterial therapies, exercise, an alkaline diet, plenty of rest.

From: Lyme Disease and Rife Machines – Bryan Rosner P. 33

The action of electromagnetic fields makes the hard-to-reach places in the body more easily accessible. The electromagnetic field from the rife machine not shielded by anything in the body. Where antibiotics are limited by blood distribution and the blood-brain barrier, electromagnetic fields are able to enter. Rife treatments do not require blood for delivery, as antibiotics do. The body, receiving the electromagnetic field, is permeated in its entirety. Rife machines can reach every part of the body including skin, blood, bone, tissue, brain. The brain is treated with ease. The blood-brain barrier which, for the most part, prevents antibiotics from entering the brain and makes a comfortable home for Lyme pathogens, does not prevent the entrance of electromagnetic fields. Bacterial resistance from both herbal and pharmaceutical antibiotics forms quickly, can mutate and become resistant to treatment. Thus, long term results are not possible because the bacterial defense mechanism has been activate. However, rife machines only kill the spirochete form of the bacteria, (not the cyst and cell-wall-deficient forms) so the attack strategy of the rife machine can only be accomplished when antibiotics are not

Justified Concern About Electromagnetic Fields p. 40

Safety is questioned in circumstances where exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) is dangerous. For example, living near power lines (low frequency) excessive use of cell phones (high frequency) is a justified concern. Most rife machines do not use very high or low frequency AC fields. Although treatment with a rife machine can require several years, protocols require only 15 minutes to 1 hour a week.

  • According to the McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment in Canada, fear of EMF causing health problems is not based on objective scientific health research. Any link of EMF to childhood or adult cancer is inconclusive and based on sensationalism.
  • A study by the Department of Preventative Medicine at Stony Brook University in NY found no connection between EMF and breast cancer when examining low level chronic exposure to 60hz AC fields, even with increased use or duration or more intense EMF exposure.
  • The Dep’t of Psychiatry at the University of Mainz, Germany also found in a study that high frequency has few negative effects on sleep.
  • Scientific studies also suggest that EMF exposure was found to have positive effects on Health. (Lyme Disease and Rife Machines – p. 41)
  • Injured white rabbits in New Zealand exposed to EMF for 12 hours a day recovered faster.
  • The following conclusions were reached by John Moulder, Ph.D, professor of Radiation Oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin ("Power Lines and Cancer FAQs):

1. The consensus in the scientific community is that there is no causal relationship between residential exposure to EMF and negative health effects.

2. Exposure to these fields can be proven to be absolutely safe.

3. If there is a health hazard in these fields it is restricted to a very small group of people.

  • EMF sensitivity is different from other feared negative effects because it is experienced as an acute, immediate reaction, not a long-term, progressive effect.
  • However many Lyme Disease patients appear to be more susceptible to EMF sensitivity than healthy people

Bacterial Forms and Treatment of Lyme Disease

The Spirochete is present in the first stage of Lyme disease. It is shaped like a spiral and very mobile. It is capable of drilling and allows penetration into dense tissue and bone and for intercellular infection. When threatened by antibiotics it converts to the Cell-Wall-Deficient and cyst form. Symptoms of the first stage are the bull’s eye and rash, Bell’s Palsy, and flu symptoms. In this early stage, pharmaceutical antibiotics are sometimes successful if the infection is caught early enough. Again, treatment is successful with the Rife Machine.

The Cyst form is the second stage. It is not mobile and there are no symptoms. The cyst form can survive antibiotics, temperature variations (-50 degrees F. to 107 degrees F.), and other adverse conditions. It converts back to the spirochete when conditions are favorable. It is responsible for relapsing. It can remain asymptomatic for years. Typically, it is not treated with anything. It is not recognized or acknowledged by western medicine. Frustration occurs with relapses due to cysts. There is available treatment with cyst form antibiotics (5-nitroimidazoles) but it is not always successful. (Avoid cell wall inhibiting antibiotics such as Rocephin.) At this point the Rife machine will kill spirochetes that emerge from the cysts. This treatment has been very successful. (Had the Rife machine come into popular use when antibiotics were being introduced into western medicine, it would have come into direct competition with penicillin and many other pharmaceutical products.)

The Cell-Wall-Deficient (CWD) form has no cell walls and makes targeting by the immune system and antibiotics more difficult. CWD is also capable of intercellular infection. It converts Vitamin D to the immunosuppressive hormone known as 1,25-D, causing autoimmunity. It clumps together in dense colonies. Neither antibiotics nor the immune system can reach the inner layers. It mimics different syndromes and conditions such as MS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s disease, and a variety of mental disorders and is mistreated with steroids, painkillers, and antidepressants. It is more dangerous than the spirochete form. There is a very low success rate with treatment that is typically used. The most successful treatment is the Marshall Protocol (to be discussed later) and often leads to a remission of incurable diseases.

Under certain circumstances, as a survival tactic, each of the three forms of Lyme are capable of converting to the other form. Cysts are much more treatment resistant than spirochetes. Cysts convert to Spirochetes sometimes in the spring and fall in order to increase and spread to other tissues. This is because Spirochetes are more mobile and can better spread the infection than Cysts. The CWD form is better able to survive many different treatment approaches, including CWD inhibiting antibiotics. Because each of the bacterial forms have different weaknesses and vulnerabilities, different antibacterial forms must be used. Spirochetes, the initial form, can sometimes be killed with protein inhibiting antibiotics. Rife machines are most effective in killing Spirochetes. Cysts respond to other forms of antibiotics.

Lyme Disease and Rife Machines – Bryan Rosner – p. 88-118

There are four primary Rife machines, with many variations. Rife machines are experimental. They are not FDA approved. There is not a reliable protocol that works for everyone. Strategies for using Rife machines have been developed by trial and error. (Rife machines have been used for other conditions as well.) Further research is planned to determine which Rife machine protocols are the most effective for Lyme Disease. A qualified Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) should supervise any treatment in order to monitor a Lyme sufferer undergoing Rife machine treatment and to test for and treat co-infections that accompany Lyme Disease, such as heart disease, diabetes and Herx reactions. A good link for LLMD is:

The four basic Rife machines (with many variations are:

  • The Coil Machine (Doug device) – the oldest and most effective. Has to be built by owner.
  • The EMEM Machine (includes series 2,3,5) Experimental Electro-Magnetic Machine – most use a plasma bulb which emits the electromagnetic treatment field.
  • The AC Contact Machine is very user friendly.
  • The DC Machine or High Power Magnetic Pulser (HPMP) is a very good synergistic second machine to use in conjunction with AC machines. Developed in 2003 it has a radiant treatment apparatus with the option of using a coil that can be wrapped around the whole body, or near, over, or under the body. The user can apply both radiant and contact treatment at the same time. The treatment is delivered as a rapid-rise, rapid-fall DC magnetic field for an average of 1-5 minutes long. Lyme Disease is harder to eradicate than other infections because it is a deep tissue infection and does not simply remain in the blood. The HPMP provides enough power for the whole body to be treated at one time. It may kill Lyme organisms when they are in a phase of their lifecycle not susceptible to AC rife machines. This extremely promising machine will need more research but reports from actual people with real results may be the new face of Lyme treatment.

Because of the obstacles and cost of Rife machines it is helpful to form a Lyme support group for the purpose of sharing rife machines, important information, and other forms of support.


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