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Lyme Disease - The Silver Lining

Updated on June 20, 2014

Lyme Disease - That It's Telling Us

Lyme Disease – The Silver Lining

There is a silver lining in Lyme disease. It leaves a person more sensitive, even after being healed. One will feel gratitude for one’s life. A person becomes more intuitive and responsive to his environment and to the natural world. It is part of the post-Lyme syndrome. So maybe this disease is really telling us that we need to change the way we live and take care of our bodies. This is a disease of our time, our disregard for the planet, tearing it apart, destroying predators, leaving small islands of intact woods – perfect for the rodents and birds that carry the Lyme bacteria.

For those dealing with chronic Lyme, it will become the center of your life. (Some people will actually refuse antibiotics when finding an embedded tick , thinking them unnecessary, when at this point they are actually the most beneficial.) You will experience fear, shock, confusion, panic, frustration, denial, depression. You will lose your vitality. Your income and career may become threatened. You will never again take your life for granted. Lyme, in its chronic form, will bring you to your knees.

Each body is unique and each one of us will need to address our individual needs and vulnerabilities in dealing with Lyme disease. Alternative medicine is tailored to treating the whole person, not just the symptoms of the disease. There is no one cure for all but many options to explore. With alternative healing modalities, it is not that one’s symptoms are simply treated by drug modifications (antibiotics) but the whole body is supported and balanced. Symptoms act as a guide and not as just something to be bombed to smithereens with antibiotics. First stage spirochetes will go into hiding (to cyst stage) within a few minutes after they sense that their environment has become toxic with antibiotics. Lyme disease is telling us something. We need to listen.

When I find a tick (embedded), Doxycycline is my drug of choice (Lyme is still a bacteria and not in its first stage Spirochete form) , along with the homeopathic remedy Apis 30x, and clove essential oil over the entire area until all signs of infection disappear. Blog: http.//

Barbara Adrienne Rosen


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