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Lyme Nosode - A Testimonial - (Name Withheld) A Lyme sufferers journey in dealing with Lyme disease.

Updated on June 18, 2015

Lyme Nosode - A Testimonial

A Testimonial (name withheld)

Information on Lyme Nosode and Triphalla, etc.

Lyme Alternative Treatment for chronic Lyme – How to rid your body of all Lyme

This is my combination of alternative methods that is worked for me with chronic Lyme.

Lyme Nosode Drops 10 drops, 3 x day, under the tongue (hold there for 2- 3 minutes, ideally) 30 minutes before meals. Also: 15 minutes before or after you drink water or any other fluid.

This finally cured a friend of mine who had chronic Lyme and had tried everything else. I started taking it and found that this IS, I believe, key to long-term recovery. I’m only my second bottle and have significant improvements. My list of symptoms—the worst ones—have been greatly reduced and I am gaining strength for the first time! I use a combination of things to enhance the recovery.

I continued to use the Lyme Nosode and Triphala for about 8 months and then whenever I felt even the slightest twinge of symptoms for the next two years. I continue to treat whenever I have some feeling that is related to the feelings I had with Lyme—maybe 3 times per year for about a week or two.

Lyme Nosode Drops – for Chronic Lyme disease

Where I purchased the Lyme Nosode Drops - best buy because it’s free shipping and no sales tax:

Delivery is also reliable and fairly fast.

Take this until you have killed all successive generations of Lyme. They remain in cyst stage (hard shell case is impermeable to killer immune cells and antibiotics for long periods of time and then “hatch out” usually every 6 weeks. You may have several different “stages” however, so keep it up until you no longer have any die-off symptoms or Lyme symptoms. Many times this is 8 months or longer. Your immune system will be responsible for killing them off.

THEN do this:

You need to take something that will cut through the biofilms that Lyme cover their bodies to protect them from killer immune cells (and antibiotics).

Harada or Haritaki is an Ayurveda herbal medicine (also used in Chinese Medicine, with difference name) cuts through biofilm, allowing your immune system to kill them. It also heals co-infections. It restores your immune system and central nervous system as well as gut infections and damage from the use of antibiotics and liver damage. Scientific name: Terminalia chebula

You can buy it here: Also inexpensive.

I have also used Triphala which has 2 different Terminalia herbs plus Alma Brand: Nature’s Way

This is much more common so it is probably available in health food store. It is usually sold as a mild bowel cleanser—it does much more than that! Not sure if this is as effective however in biofilm breakdown. I took more of this one than directions on bottle to make up for this fact with no ill effect.

Keep you immune system boosted with Olive Leaf extract capsules and/or several daily doses of Vitamin C, ascorbic acid works and is the cheapest form. I take 2,000 mg to 4,000 mgs per day in divided doses. (1000 mg each) If you are sensitive and get loose bowels, lower the dose but not the frequency to what you can tolerate. Ascorbic acid also breaks down biofilms while also boosting your immune system. I continue to take at least 8,000 mg of ascorbic acid each day. Linus Pauling’s research found that, unlike almost every other animal, humans do not make Vitamin C in their bodies. We do not get this much in our food. 8,000 mg a day is the minimum amount that humans need…and without it many of the major systems don’t work up to capacity. When you are infected with something you need more than this to kill it off. It also helps cleanse the system of neurotoxins.

THEN do this:

When spirochetes die they release neurotoxins and other toxins. Your liver tries to detox your body, but it usually can’t do this without help. Lyme causes cirrhosis of the liver, so it is best to really protect and heal your liver. It is the only way to get these toxins out of your body. They will keep recycling forever through your blood and will cause all kinds of damage including brain damage and mental illness.

Cleanse your liver. Drink lemon water throughout the day. Eat fresh garlic. You can eat it chopped up in salsa or guacamole. Or take really good garlic supplements or barely steamed garlic. You could do a liver cleansing formula. If you are really sick with die-off reactions do coffee enemas to cleanse the liver.

THEN do this: take probiotics every day to restore your good bacteria. Eat lots of yogurt daily and fermented foods like organic sauerkraut.

Give up or avoid: alcohol, fried foods, processed foods, sugar, chemical additives, high fructose corn syrup, fluoride and fluoridated water. Alcohol and sugars make the spirochetes multiply rapidly in your system. You can have some whole fresh fruit.

Take magnesium supplements and better yet, rub "magnesium oil" on your skin: this heals the damage to muscles and nerves caused by Lyme and what's more, it relieves the pain in joints and muscles caused by Lyme and during Lyme die-off. Almost everyone in the country is deficient anyway because the soil has been completely depleted of magnesium.

Avoid antibiotics unless it is life threatening. I have found that taking a preventative dose of doxycycline if you are re-infected is OK. But keep up all the rest of the alternative treatments up (alternate this with probiotics. These can be taken at bedtime to replenish good flora while you take the antibiotics. It is important to take them anyway.

Do not take Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) antibiotics or any antibiotics with different names but the same composition! I almost became permanently disabled from taking just a few pills that were prescribed for reoccurring UTI, (that were also linked to chronic Lyme)! Ciprofloxacin didn’t kill the Lyme, though it temporarily stopped the UTI and it damaged my immune system, my memory and my muscles and joints. It is the favorite new antibiotic and is being widely prescribed by doctors for many different kinds of infections. Cipro is in a class of antibiotics called quinolones. Quinolones are for external use only! Bayer Corporation makes these drugs and somehow got them reclassified for taking internally. Bayer is notorious for manufacturing extremely toxic neonicotinoid pesticides that are responsible for honey bee and as new studies from Europe report, of fish, aquatic life, frogs, amphibians, butterflies, birds and probably bats.


Note: Magnesium cures Cipro damage and other antibiotic/Rx drug use damage. It can greatly reduce depression and other emotional and even psychotic reactions to the neurotoxins released by Lyme. Use magnesium oil rubbed on the skin. You might have to mix with water to avoid the stinging sensation---taking therapeutic doses of pills internally causes bowel cleansing reaction and isn’t the most effective way to get the magnesium you need.

Antibiotics tend to damage the immune system anyway. It is important to treat the damage with magnesium oil rubbed on the skin and with probiotics.

Jun 16, 2011 – (Natural News) Even though I've been hearing magnesium miracle stories for a decade, here's a magnesium testimonial from a reader of my ...

Jun 16, 2011 – To think of all the times I have taken Cipro and Levaquin. Never again. There are other ways to rid the body of bacteria that are not harmful.



Terminalia Cheruba –buy 37.50/ 60 call for info

You can get Triphala (includes cheruba and two other Terminalia herbs) more easily and just take more frequently...the combination of these 3 will help with die-off reactions anyway and helps to heal the damage to the bowel from antibiotics in addition to removing the biofilm.

Taking ascorbic acid in high doses along with 1 gram of salt in a full glass of water also removes biofilms. Ask if you want more info on this. I used this to defeat chronic UTI infections (my urinary system was infected with Lyme) and the Cipro then destroyed my immune system and the Vitamin C and Salt combination cured it in 72 hours. This after I suffered for many months with chronic cystitis!


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