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MEDICINAL PLANTS: Herbal Remedies To Treat Anxiety

Updated on April 24, 2015

Anxiety is not an uncommon disorder and affects anyone. From time to time, people experience anxiety even with the slightest stimulation. This is felt when a person is frightened, nervous,stressed or worried. Anxiety is a collective term for many disorders and these disorders affect a person’s feelings and behavior. Although anxeity is considered a mental disorder, it can manifest actual physical symptoms, and when severe, it can be debilitating.

Normally, when a person confronts a situation which is challenging, such as a job interview or examination, he begins to worry or have a slight tendency to feel fear. This is considered normal and is easily justified. However, when symptoms begin to affect the person’s ability to function, anxiety becomes a bigger problem; a reaction way out of proportion to what is expected.

Here are the symptoms associated with anxiety considered to be not normal. Once a person experiences any one of them when stressed, he should consider seeking immediate attention:

Heart palpitations - when you can feel or hear your heartbeat; feeling of impending doom; unable to concentrate; restless and listless muscles; dry mouth, medical term xerostomia; diaphoresis or excessive sweating; butterflies in the stomach; and hyperventilation.

Herbal Remedies: Help at Your Fingertips

Although a medical advice is apt for situations like these, there are simple ways to relieve one’s self of severe anxiety. Some of them are relaxation and exercise. Meditation is one of the most useful relaxation techniques while exercise is a good outlet to release inner stressors. Yoga is a perfect treatment as it is a combination of meditation and exercise. However, there are those who do not respond well to these techniques that is why they need medications. Medication and drugs come in when other methods are not enough or do not help. There are various drugs in the market specific to combat certain types of anxiety disorders. Nevertheless, you still need to consult a physician to get a prescription.

Herbs Treat Anxiety Symptoms

Nature is the best provider for all our needs. In medicine, it is the most abundant source of raw materials to create medicinal products. Herbal and medicinal plants have been used since generations before to relieve symptoms and cure diseases. One can easily make tea out of plant leaves to cure stomach pain or headache. Others also use plant roots as a source of vitamins and minerals. Because of nature’s wonder, it is not surprising that a lot of people are taking herbal remedies to treat anxiety.

Fresh herbs grown at home. Instant cooking ingredient and medicinal use.
Fresh herbs grown at home. Instant cooking ingredient and medicinal use. | Source
Chamomiles - they aren't just beautiful plants but good to fight stress too.
Chamomiles - they aren't just beautiful plants but good to fight stress too. | Source


Nervousness is perhaps the most common symptom of severe anxiety. A dose of chamomile is good to calm the nervous mind and stomach. It is an effective sedative which is perfect for the queasy tummy. Chamomile contains apigenin and luteolin; 2 chemicals that promote relaxation. For those who are highly stressed, you may want to take chamomile to stimulate your appetite. The plant is also found out to be effective for headache. It is also suitable for children battling with anxiety.


Catnip is a part of the mint family and a unique herbal treatment for anxiety because of its calming effect. Because anxiety causes insomnia, migraine and headaches to some people, the calming effect of this plant is effective to relieve these symptoms. Although this is not advised, catnip causes some people to get high. This means that when taken in moderation, catnip is really effective to fight stress.


There probably isn’t one medication that is effective for anxiety itself, because most of the time, treatment is symptomatic. This means that the primary target is to cure the symptoms, and eventually, cure the illness. Fennel is effective in treating symptoms such as indigestion and asthma. Have a serving of fennel after meals to aid in digestion. If you have an upset or nervous stomach, fennel is able to calm it. Asthma is exacerbated when a person is exposed to constant stress. The calming effect of this herb is the key to controlling this symptom.


Perhaps the most effective natural remedy for moderate to severe anxiety, kava kava is very efficient not just for anxiety symptoms but to control anxious thoughts as well. By research, it is a good alternative to Valium, the primary drug for anxiety, and its effect is as effective as the synthetic drug. Yet, a person is not at risk for addiction. Because of this benefit being highly effective, there are pills created from this plant in the market today.


This herbal medicine has been used historically to fight several mental disorders. Although not specific for anxiety disorders, the effect of St. John’s Wort is to fight depression which is a comorbid symptom with anxiety. It works to lift a person’s mood and as effective as the synthetic antidepressants.


  • A serving or 2 cups of celery with onions for a couple of weeks can relieve nervousness. These vegetables contain massive amounts of folic acid and potassium known to fight nervousness

  • Did you know that orange can reduce anxiety? Even the aroma of this fruit is known to help people battling anxiety. You can peel an orange and inhale the sweet, citrus smell, or you can make a potpourri by heating the fruit peel. By heating, the fragrant and calming oil is released.

  • Fresh orange juice can also work for palpitations. Mix in a teaspoon and honey and some small amount of nutmeg into the drink.

  • Rosemary - this fragrant herb is known to keep you relaxed and ease anxiety. You can make a tea out of rosemary or burn a dried herb form aromatherapy.

See how this herbalist talks about anxiety and herbs

Feeling stressed, worried or nervous is common because we are constantly exposed to many stressors. But when these feelings of anxiety hinders you to function, then it becomes a bigger problem. You need to act on it immediately and one way to do it is to use medicinal plants. It is good that nature has been the best provider of these plants. Herbal plants can be grown at home to give you instant medicine to fight stress. Be it tea or aromatherapy, knowing which plants to use is essential. A regular dose of these herbal remedies is definitely enough to keep you feeling better.

What do you think is the best approach to fight anxiety?

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