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Updated on December 11, 2012


USUALLY IN LIFE IF SOMETHING SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN IT USUALLY IS ! However, when something that seems like that is backed up by reputable sources, then it is maybe worth considering. I n all truth things in that category do not come along all that often, but maybe, just maybe I came across something last weekend that could be a great benefit on two counts to grumpy old men like me..

Now here is the thing. Reputable medical authority is advising that a course of 5 injections can aid those of us now of a certain age, to protect our hearts and at the same time increase our flagging libidos. Initially it sounded to me as if this was the reincarnation of the snake oil salesman, but it turns out to be serious advancement.

The male testosterone is a funny thing being responsible for all sorts of male behaviour especially in younger years. Most men would not wish to consider that their avid pursuit, not to mention their successes in sexual activity are driven, not by their brain or personality but merely by a chemical agent in them which is there to aid the continuance of human life by stimulating the urge ,as in animals, to copulate. As humans ,we dress this up in all sorts of drapes like emotions and caring and love, but at basic level, the only reason men {and women} are here at all is to breed and ensure there is another generation in place to continue the chain. Sad but true at basic level ,so no wonder we, as humans try to manufacture, for our own comforts deeper and more complex details for relationships. Probably a good thing that we do, though when one sees some of the low life people who appear on certain types of TV programmes, it is difficult to imagine them having any sort of brain cell activity to transcend from the basic carnal instinct.

However, I digress from the main point of this Hub. It appears that, in the USA, men with low sex drives who received 5 injections saw an improvement in them as well as seeing increased fitness and concentration levels. 64% who complained of low libido before injections, dropped to just 10% after them. Testosterone apparently, as well as fuelling the desire for sexual interaction, also has functions which maintain muscle bulk, keeps bones healthy, and helps in the production of red blood cells which are so important to maintain a steady life balance. As we age levels of testosterone are said to drop by as much as 40%. Testosterone is also seen as a problem too in older men, being the main source of prostate problems which leads to high percentages of older men developing the disease.



The blood testosterone levels in "normal" males is between 8 and 12 nmol/l { the measurement figure used} 1 in 50 men fall below the bottom figure but many thousands are found in the so called "grey area" between 8 and 12. At Bristol University, research shows that by encouraging men to take up a more active lifestyle and diet, including drink, that cardiovascular health is improved, as has been long understood but now allied to being also given the injections or gels, their has been seen significant further transformation. After injections things noticed included, a fall in both blood pressure and cholesterol together with a decrease of an inch in waist size. Other factors noted from research testing include a reduction in erectile dysfunction, a factor which causes grief for many older men. Beyond even these factors, the archetypal symptoms of older men seem also to be affected. Thus, it may be that a course of injections could significantly reduce the legions of "grumpy old men" significantly.

A final point from all this directed to the ladies. If your middle aged man takes to falling asleep in the early evenings, gets generally tired, or is losing interest in sex, get him to the Doctor. You may not only save your sex life, but maybe also, his life.


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