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A new drug that is legal an deadly "MEPHEDRONE" - Scarface Bathsalts

Updated on August 10, 2011


Mephedrone coming to a City like Yours


Mephedrone coming to a City like Yours

Maybe you are familiar with this killer drug. Many people in the Midwest in the United States call it Scar Face, Plant food, Bath Salts, White Lighting etc. Sold in small packages that say not for human consumption to keep it legal and the cost is only twenty-dollars in the Midwest. What is Mephedrone? It is a drug that methamphetamine, crack, crank, or cocaine users buy and new users try for the same effects.

Mephedrone is a synthetic stimulant. This is a psychoactive stimulant, nothing more than a legal drug that is a copycat effect of all stimulant drugs. The problem is they keep it legal by the sticker that reads “Not for human consumption” on it. Yet when you see the packages, it has names such as Scar Face, Plant food, Bath Salts, White Lighting etc. Then the names of the bath salts are Euphoria, X-bath salt, White Lightening to give you energy bath salt, and many other names.

The users snort, eat or can shoot it up. This drug is very dangerous, as no one knows all the ingredients that maybe in the packages except that it has Mephedrone, which is the same as Methamphetamine. Parents pay attention because there are many young tweens, teens, and older using the drug. It is legal as mentioned. Nevertheless, the effects are surely the most unsafe drug possible.

Mephedrone is entactogen drug. However, the manufactures classify it as a psychoactive drug that produces distinctive emotional and social effects. Mephedrone is artificial substance based on ‘cathinone’ which is an alkaloid found in a shrub called Catha Edulis or chemically made. More money for legal drug sales until the states sees the HIGH statistics of death.

The drug can come as a tablet, however, in United States it is normally a white powder used by snorting is the most common use.

The people who use it say they do so for the

· Alertness

· Restlessness

· Euphoria

· Excitement

· Talkative

· Openness

· Sex drive

· Feeling of stimulation

· Not sleeping

This is a drug for recreational use if the price is lower than methamphetamine. (Meth, Cocaine, Crack, and Crank).All states should make this illegal immediately. It is one of the worst and most addicting drugs without any knowledge of the contents mixed in it and legal! The side effects of this drug is excessive sweating, headaches, heart palpitations, heart attacks, nausea / vomiting, blue or cold fingers (reason unknown for the blue fingers of coldness), sever panic attacks, hallucinations, paranoia and sleep deprivation for up to three to four weeks.

The users become so energetic that they forget about their health. In the state of Indiana, this was very popular, yet in our town very deadly. We had consecutive suicides from being on this drug. From sleep deprivation, paranoia, and hallucinations you cannot know the next action the user may do. Whether hurt themselves or the ones in their life, due to paranoia. To the point that the user will commit suicide to hide from something that was never there. On the other hand, hurt family and friends believing they are setting them up.

The sad thing about Mephedrone is it is legal and sold at smoke shops and convenience stores. Indiana finally passed the law in July 2011 that it is illegal, anyone caught selling it, or has it with them, in pockets, cars, or homes charged with a felony. This needed to come sooner, but at least it is now a felony.

However, at the time it was illegal in Louisville, Kentucky it was legal in Indiana. Then Indiana made it illegal and it became legal in Kentucky. Kentucky is only twenty minutes from southern Indiana. Making it easy for our users to cross the bridge to Kentucky and buy it there. Now our young teens and adults just drive there to get their Mephedrone.

Packages of what Mephedrone can look like

Packaged as plant food or bath salt, with a sticker saying not for human consumption to keep it legal
Packaged as plant food or bath salt, with a sticker saying not for human consumption to keep it legal | Source
Yet another way Mephedrone is carried, bought, and or sold. Pay attention as you see                "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION"
Yet another way Mephedrone is carried, bought, and or sold. Pay attention as you see "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" | Source


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  • profile image

    csingh 4 years ago

    No- please don't lie to the masses; in doing so, you corrupt the innate purpose of the internet. I am a neurosurgeon in residency who is also working on his Ph. D. thesis in neuroscience, specifically neurotoxicology. Now that I've established my credentials, I can explain why you're wrong. Mephedrone in both its levo and dextro isomers is a stable nervous system stimulant; this is true. However, the "bath salts" up there are neither pure, nor are they used alone. Methedrone in and of itself is never sold as a bath salt. What the users experience is methcathinone ingestion. These are highly addictive and neurotoxic substances, but they are not mephedrone, which is significantly less addictive and is not neurotoxic. Furthermore, I shook my head in disbelief when you told your audience that methamphetamine is crank, coke, meth, and cocaine. Comletely separate substances. Cocaine is coke, crank is a thebaine derivative, crack is a cocaine freebase, and meth is methamphetamine. Additionally, your assertation that mephedrone and methamphetaamine are the same is laughably naïve. Finally, there have been NO deaths linked to mephedrone-only usage.

  • Virtual Treasures profile image

    Virtual Treasures 5 years ago from Michigan

    Nice Article. I wanted to let you know that I also published a hub on the subject and I've added a link to your hub on mine. People need to understand how dangerous this is. I have people commenting on mine that it is just no big deal and people that have problems just aren't using it right.

  • worldssweetest profile image

    worldssweetest 6 years ago from Indiana


    I to have seen the effects on many young and older people. It has even hit close to home. I am so sick and disgusted by this that if I could I would throw them all in jail for marketing, selling, and using. People do not even further think of when it does become illegal than we will have even more "METH" users, once Mephedrone is illegal.

  • Carrie Hollister profile image

    Carrie Hollister 6 years ago from Ohio

    I have seen the devastating effects of this drug. A neighbor of mine has been on it for months. She stays awake for several days at a time and doesn't remember to eat. This is very dangerous for her because she is a diabetic.

    She becomes very paranoid while on it. She has even called the police on her husband because she believes he is trying to kill her.

    It's terrible junk! It's effects even seem worse than with someone who is on cocaine or even crack at times.

    Although it is not banned throughout the state of Ohio, many cities have banned it.

    It doesn't help matters when a person can drive an hour or so to purchase this.

    Voted up! Thanks for making others aware of this!