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MIGRAINE SUFFERERS TAKE NOTE ! These treatment options will assist you to overcome the misery.

Updated on November 28, 2014

Suffer in Silence.

My stepson, at 35 ,a Deputy Head Teacher, and my former lady PA, are just two people that I have seen at close quarters suffer from attacks of MIGRAINE. I always was told thay had "Migraine Headaches", which was logical since the pain was located in their heads.

Now, however, medical opinion is circulated to educate us much more clearly on the condition and, thankfully, expert advice on what really works in dealing with the problem. Previously, my sole knowledge, like that of most others I guess, was to seek to provide painkillers and to arrange for the sufferer to lay themselves down in a darkened room.

This was the case only a few days ago when my stepson was sent home suffering from an attack at school. As his wife was also out at work he came home to Mum for TLC and the treatment as indicated above was given.

Eventually the attack passed as before, and normal service was resumed, but a couple of days later I came across information both on the condition itself but also treatments that expert medical opinion was backing as real and positive ways to deal with migraines at the onset.

The information I gleaned made me think carefully for the first time about the condition and how to deal positively with it and I share my findings here in the hope that others may benefit from the information and that sufferers may be assisted and no more left effectively, to suffer in silence.

The nature of the condition.

Regular readers of my Hubs will be well aware from my repetitive declarations that, "In medicine diagnosis is everything ". Without correct diagnosis any treatment given is at best a lottery, whatever the condition is it is given to assist. Thus, the revelation to me that migraines are NOT just a headache brought me up short very quickly as my long held view was seen to be far from correct.

Migraines, it is now told to us, can include hallucinations, vomiting, heightened sensitivity to light and sound to painful levels, and even muscular problems. I was astonished to learn that so called triggers for migraine can include things as diverse as red wine {must say this does not affect me thankfully}, interrupted sleep patterns, and everyday stresses.

I found these specifically of interest as my stepson, who has suffered on and off with migraines since childhood fits into 2 of the above accurately. Firstly with two toddler sons of 2 and 1, he rarely, if ever, has an uninterrupted nght"s sleep these days. Add to that that on the day before this last attack he drove his car into the back of another vehicle and you see the picture. Though no one was injured, clearly the stress level undergone was above the norm for him and it looks likely the combination of that and interrupted sleep triggered off what is clearly an underlying condition. Thankfully, as before, 3 days on, the symptoms have gone and he is back at work again as enthusiastic as ever.

Look at these Migraine Maulers.

The Medical Epert to whom I referred earlier works daily within a PCT Headache service in Kent UK.


1. He boosters.

THIS IS A "COCKTAIL OF 7 DRUGS WHICH STOP BLOOD VESSELS IN THE HEAD ENLARGING, This is a root cause of migraine activity.It is obviously essential that these are prescribed by, and taken only as directed,by a GP.

2. 4head.

This is a menthol based treatment available at Boots Pharmacy apparently. They reduce expansion of muscles around the forehead causing a feeling of coldness and giving pain relief. Rubbing this on the forehead has no side effects to concern the user.They are clearly a useful aid when at work or travelling to give significant pain relief on the spot as it were..

3. Acupuncture.

The well known Chinese needle treatment is thought to relax the nervous system and aids the release of endorphins promoting a feeling of comfort and ease. Long regarded as "quack" treatment in some circles it is now an NHS approved treatment.

4. Beta Blockers.

These are considered an effective treatment but why they give relief is still unclear. The downside here is that they can also give side effects causing tiredness, dizziness, libido reduction, nightmares and coldness in fingers and feet. They are mainly recommended only for those suffering frequent attacks with the additional possible negative proviso that they may give asthma sufferers an adverse reaction.

5. Botox.

NO ! This is not a mistake ! Admittedly it is only for really chronic sufferers and works by working in the nerves to inhibit the transmission of messages to the brain. Again it is NHS approved and 50% reduction in migraines has been reported by chronic sufferers, though it is stressed the use of it is more for prevention than to deal with stromg active migraine attacks. Those considering this should seek proper medically qualified advice and not rely on "Gemma at the local beauty salon"

6. Feverfew.

A Herbal or Natural treatment, this treatment, based largely upon using a member of the sunflower family as the core constituent, this also contains a range of biochemicals, one of which {parthenolides} fights against the widening of the blood vessels which is a key factor in the migraine condition developing. Success rate is 50% for 50% of sufferers, though side effects of mouth ulcers etc are proney to occur in some cases.

7.Electrical Stimulation.

Several treatments involving electrical devices held against the head have shown benefits for up to 40% of sufferers treated with them but sound medical opinion states that more trials are required before thes can be given universal approval. The other drawback is they have to be privately purchased or leased at various rates which are not cheap.

8. Boosters.

Non- steroidal ant-inflammatory drugs can help by reducing swelling as they block enzymes and proteins made by the body which can cause migraine activity and pain. The key advice here is that action has to be swift as soon as a feeling of a migraine developing is encountered and a reccomended dose then is , for example, to take 3 pain killers in place of 2. Action like this and the use of non- steroidal drugs should be restricted to no more than twice weekly. Personally, I would not advocate sufferers try this treatment unless they have consulted with, gained the approval of, and been prescribed by a GP. SAFE RATHER THAN SORRY HAS TO BE THE WATCHWORD WHEREVER DRUGS ARE INVOLVED.

The above is admittedly a mixed pot of treatments that may be tried and not all will fit each sufferer. However, with full medical consultation thjere is little or no doubt that a healthy proportion of sufferes at least, will find relief where before there was none.

Be Positive and Proactive

The information given here was largely a closed book to me till very recently. Everyone I have asked today to tell me what they understand by "MIGRAINES" has answered "BAD HEADACHES.That would also have been my answer till getting this information. Now that I know more about it, I am totally convinced that our former policy of basically giving pain relief tablets and a dark room is far from correct or the best on offer.

The answer has to be a proctive approach. Pro activity on behalf of the sufferer. Pro activity on behalf of the sufferer"s family and as a result of that, Pro activity on behalf of the GP. I would suggest that sufferers could do worse than to print this off and take with them to their GP and ask for his proffesional opinion on the treatments tabled here with regard to their own case. Remember these treatments are not those conjoured up by this author but from a respected NHS Professional Practitioner {Dr Andrew Dowson}. These are treatments that are advocated to "TRY".


The way ahead is now much clearer. Do nothing and suffer on or grasp the bull by the horns and go forth to discover a new solution that benefits you personally. After all, only you know and suffer, the pain migraine causes you and thus only you, in the final analysis can know if any different treatment works positively for you. Be positive, be active and so be rid of migraine tyranny.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      j w adams 

      3 years ago from Essex/ Alanya/ Hurghada

      Botox under proper medical supervisision seems likely to be of assistance in dealing with what you are well aware is a truly debilitating disease. It should not however be used as an excuse for narcisstic males as I am sure you will agree !

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Interesting read. Botox it is!!


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