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Miracle Injection Passed By Health Authorities

Updated on January 26, 2015

Real help for those seeking to lose weight.

Whilst my Hub on the use of copper coins inserted into shoe insoles continues to be my most read Hub by a large margin, I am well aware of the genuine interest people have about controlling weight and ,where the problem exists, to rid themselves of the curse, generally self inflicted, of Obesity.

As a result, I keep a strong eye out on anything that claims to be the salvation of the overweight. My studies in Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology, have ,over many years taught me that those seeking a "quick fix" to being over weight are living in their own created version of cloud cuckoo land. I also know that the myriad of claims for "wonder" products claiming to reduce the weight without any change to lifestyle, are clear rip offs for those daft or desperate enough to be taken in. Sad to say, the explosion of the internet has seen a vast multiplication of these bogus items and claims that do trap so many into parting with hard earned money for what turn out to be the modern equivalent of snake oil

Our bodies can be likened to a motor car where food and drink are required. We need food to generate the body to fullfil the functions we require of it, which are often many and quite complex. Like the car we require the correct mixture of foods to enable us to perform properly. A car filled with diesel instead of petrol will not function and even if that is avoided filling with the correct octane is needed for maximum efficiency. Thus, we need the correct levels and balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins etc to run ourselves effectively. To much of one, too little of another, produces an inbalance that affects our performance.

At the same time dealing with our car, if we fail to concentrate on the forecourt and overfill our tank we soon know as petrol gushes onto the floor. Likewise if we eat too much and do too little our body soon tells us by turning the excess into fat to be stored for future use. There is no secret ! Eat a lot and do little activity and the body becomes bloated. Eat too little and try to undertake high levels of activity and the body, starved of fuel soon runs out, like a car with an empty tank. World War 2 provided us with all we need to know about this sadly. Now in a world of plenty it is the problems of overloading that are equally menacing

I am well aware that there are those with hormone malfunctions and others with psychological problems that cause either over or under eating and they are specialised cases requiring highly skilled treatments. I am focussing here on the thousands outside those perameters that you can see shuffling down any high street, or guiding their wheelchairs any day any week, usually looking for a fast food outlet it seems .

I, like many others have tried over the years to persuade, cajole, even frighten such cases into taking action to turn their lives around. The fact that 1 in every 5 kids now entering Primary Schools in UK shows how spectacularly unsuccessful we have all been. It has been clear to me for sometime that the obese, even more than the cancerous and the ever increasing aged, are the biggest threat to our NHS here in UK.


To Lose 18lbs in 12 Months is No Longer a Myth

The really exciting news this week came as Health Watchdogs who oversee drugs able to be prescribed on the NHS finally gave their approval to a drug made by the Danish firm, NOVO NORDISK, to advance to this status. In fact the obese in UK could be getting the drug prescribed by their GP in around 8 weeks from now, following a green light by European drug regulators.

The drug, known as LIRAGLUTIDE and branded SAXENDA has been seen to help users on trials, lose up to a stone more than those simply following diet plans and calorie counting etc. The most severly obese using Liraglutide were able to leave wheelchairs following weight loss and start to walk once more. The drug actually works by reducing the user"s desire for food by 10%.

Other plus points for the drug are that it lowers chlorestorol levels and prevents Diabetes 2 which is a scourge of the overweight. Given that obesity is calculated as reducing life expectancy by 9 years or so, this is indeed heady news. The effect of losing an average 19lbs in 12 months has given real psychological impetus to users. For example, one lady lost 23 lb in the trials undertaken to this point .Academics and Physicians alike, enthuse over this particular drug which is self injected daily by the patient.

Everything therefore points to go for this revolutionary drug but with our NHS there is always a stumbling block and that is, as ever, MONEY.

What is Too Expensive?

The current price of Liraglutide is £ 2.25 per day. That calculates at £919.80 per year, per user. Currently a bed blocked at an NHS Hospital is said to cost anything between £500 and £1,000 per day ! Let us pause here and reflect on what the potential charges incurred by the NHS through obesity are likely to be year on year ! It is true the system cannot sustain it and that presents the bleakest of futures for the overweight and especially the children and teenagers currently setting out on the road to overall obesity and the illnesses that go with it. Set in this context £2.25 per day does not seem expensive to me. Even if paid by the patient it is only 33% of a packet of cigarretes and less than a pint of beer and even less than a "Happy Meal".

Some medics take a clear view that drugs alone will not eradicate the problems caused by over weight and obesity struck people and I agree with that but it seems to me tat this drug, attacking as it does excesses of appetite is a good starting point to get society changing their views on fat people and beyond that, getting Governments and the food industry to change the way they view things, the problem, far from going away ,will increase.

So what is too expensive. From my standpoint the answer is clear and £2.25 a day seems at least worth a good trial go by the NHS at the least. As far as I understand the only side-effect of this revolutionary drug is some nausea which goes away a few weeks into taking the drug.

I believe we should set up real life trials by inviting parents with overweight children to enrol them in a programme involving the drug and their schools with a programme of related physical activity for a school year. This way costs to NHS would be less, schools would have to think clearly about physical activity alongside the initiatives already in place to provide healthier but still tasy school meals. Monitoring of pupils in these areas would go a long way to meeting the medics and remove the idea that they are fighting an unwinable battle against obesity and the ravages it makes on individual lives and the NHS across the board.

Remember the name, SAXENDA and if your GP is unaware of it and you think it could help you, ask him or her to look into it and be persistent until they do or come up with something even better.


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