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Updated on September 27, 2010

Miraculous gaumutra:
Gaumutra is the urine of cow, as the name says gau means cow and mutra for urine. the condition is that the cow must be of Indian breed. gaumutra is a centuries old sacred substance used by the Hindus for their rituals and also known for its miraculous medicinal properties.
Indian context: the ancient scriptures of the Hindus keep gaumutra in the place of the sacred commodity and it is even used for the worship and other religious activities. gaumutra is taken orally by the Hindus for treating various diseases and as a purifier of body and soul in the Hindu rituals.
The cow dung is used by the villagers in India for applying in the house floors and walls of the mud houses as an anti infection and anti germ treatment.
Ayurveda has given the name of sanjeevani to the gaumutra, which means the protector of life. According to ayurveda, gaumutra is the medicine for curing all the three main kinds of body problems, that is vaat, pitta and when so much is said, this substance must have some promises
In itself. 

Scientific relevance: The uses and its importance in the hindu mythology and ayurveda has attracted the modern medicine practitioners and researchers towards it and many researches have been done or are still being done to test the medicinal properties and as expected has got positive results only so far.
The clinical trials of gaumutra sows it contents sulphur, nitrogen, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, iron, silicon etc. and vitamin A, B, C, D and E, it also has lactose, creatinine and some enzymes all vital for the body.
The anti fungal and anti bacterial property of gaumutra is proved by the presence of carbolic acid in it.

Medicinal uses:

1) Gaumutra is successfully used for treating all kinds of fungal and bacterial infections and is a sure shot cure for all skin related problems.
2) Gaumutra is a great remedy for heart diseases with highly positive results as it lowers cholesterol.
3) It’s a liver tonic and enhances the functioning of the liver and gives it strength.
4) It is a cure for the intestine worms.
5) It’s a great medicine for headache and migraine.
6) It’s a tension buster and can be used for relieving tension.
7) Great medicine of thyroid diseases.
8) It’s a great purifier and often used by the ayurveda practitioners for cleaning the body and to detoxify the system from any kinds of toxins. That is to detoxify the body from the bad effects of other medicines.
9) It enhances memory and used as brain tonic.
10) An effective remedy for kidney problems.
11) Excellent in treating jaundice.
12) Effective in reducing body weight and obesity.

Treatment of cancer: the effects of gaumutra on cancer have been tested by many practitioners and now days its use as a replacement or a supplement of the chemotherapy is showing great promising results. Many cancers cases both old and new have been treated well with only administering gaumutra, this number is still counting and many patients have also been totally cured. In fact the making of gaumutra or cow urine tincture has got two US patent also and one of the Indian state governments is planning to purchase gaumutra for making and marketing its medicines from govt. run outlets.

Treatment of AIDS: Its miraculous properties are being acknouleged by using it for treating AIDS and are the new buzz of the medicine world.

Commercial aspect and caution: The use of cow’s urine and its results are gaining popularity day by day and thus attracting more manufacturers for making its various forms and marketing it.The gaumutra is now a days available in tincture form, cream form and I recently came to know someone has even developed its powder form.
 All these activities have created a huge market for it and thus malpractices cannot be ruled out. Thus one has to take extra caution while going to purchase it from the market or web, only registered ayurveda medicine makers with reputation in the market are to be trusted.

Note: One important fact to be kept in mind is only the urine obtained from the pure Indian breed of cows is gaumutra, not the foreign breeds.

 How to: The gaumutra ark or tincture can be made at home from the pure Indian cow’s urine by distilling it at home after boiling.

Own experience: one of my own friends was given six month time by the doctor who was treating him for cancer in intestine. He visited his village and some village medicine man told him to take cow’s urine daily in empty stomach.
  As he had already tried every thing and nothing could harm him more, out of disgust he tried the schedule. After a weak he was feeling better from wilthin, he continued this regime and after three months was feeling even better.
  All this have already passed two years and he is still in his office and working like any other with full energy. He has stopped taking any medicine and still following the same regime planning for a re-checkup.

Day to day use: gaumutra can be taken by any healthy individual also like a health tonic,
Dose: it is best when taken in empty stomach early morning, for adults 10 to 20 ml is good. It has not shown any side effects so far, but the authenticity of the product must be assured before consuming.



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    • BABAI79 profile image

      BABAI79 2 years ago

      AMERICAN cow urine does not contain the antibodies and enzymes that are found in the Indian breed.indian gua-mutra ark etc. are easily available online.

    • profile image

      manish 2 years ago

      Since i am in usa, i can not find indian cow mutra here can i use american cow mutra would it be of any benefit. What is the difference between indian cow urine and non indian cow urine.


    • BABAI79 profile image

      BABAI79 3 years ago

      intestinal problems like ulcers etc are exceptionally treated by gaumutra,

      you can get this fact approved by any qualified ayur practitioner.

    • profile image

      PARTHO ROY 4 years ago

      can burnt intestinal part can be cured by gau mutra

    • profile image

      narasimhan Bangalore 4 years ago

      Gou Ark is highly beneficial in curing long pending skin problem.

      Practically evinced.

    • profile image

      cathy 4 years ago

      just started taking gawmutra and great news my blood sugar has not gone over 10 today hope it works

    • profile image

      yesha 5 years ago

      how much gawmutra ark i can give to my 14 month baby? he is suffering from asthma.

    • profile image

      yash 6 years ago

      Excellent written article, great work author !! :-D

      Thank you

    • profile image

      girinagar 6 years ago

      Hey Yashaswini Shenoy, since you have been using the GOU ARK, can u tell me where is it available in USA.

    • profile image

      deepak 7 years ago

      An excellent site on gaumutra.

    • profile image

      yashaswini shenoy 7 years ago

      i drink gou ark eevryday..after i satrer to drink there is some change i will b always wit full of energy..its really warthy to drnik it ..being youngster just 20yr i do drink it....

    • profile image

      AM 7 years ago

      That's a great Hub! A must read for everyone. Hat's off!

    • profile image

      Dadabhai 7 years ago

      Hi Bhai! Just visited your Hub. It is remarkable. The writing style is brilliant and very-very impressive. I never knew you are such a good writer.

      There is a small correction you need to do here;

      "6) It’s a tension buster and can be used for relieving the brain of tension."

      Instead of "brain of tension" it should be "tension of brain" in the last 3 words of this line.

      The Hubpages have certainly found a gem.

      Great work! Keep it up! All the best.