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Metatarsalgia Physiotherapy treatment in Gurgaon

Updated on August 22, 2013

The process of physiotherapy is actually smooth flowing that begins with a simple patient interview and then physical examination, the follows the diagnosis, the treatment plan and lastly the management plan after treatment has been applied. There are actually a lot of areas in medicine wherein physiotherapy became very useful just like pediatrics, orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics and cardiology. In 1876 Morton described a condition of pinching of the lateral planter nerve in the fourth web space between the mobile fourth and fifth metatarsal heads of the foot.

Morton’s Metatarsalgia Clinical features

Patient complains of the pain in the region of the third and fourth metatarsal heads. By walking pain increases and decreases by rest.Ths pain is due to Morton’s Metatarsalgia.

Mulder’s click: when neuroma is squeezed between the metatarsal heads a click is felt. This is common in women and is usually unilateral.

Morton’s Metatarsalgia Treatment

It is Treated by Physiotherapy Clinic in Gurgaon. Advanced Physiotherapy Provides Morton’s Metatarsalgia PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENT IN GURGAON, , Post Op Physiotherapy in Gurgaon

Morton’s Metatarsalgia Nonoperative Treatment: This consists of shoes with metatarsal bars; local infiltration of hydrocortisone, wide toe box use in unpredictable, etc are some of the common nonoperative methods of treatment.

Morton’s Metatarsalgia Surgical treatment: is mainly excision of the neuroma in the third web space and this has an 83% of success rate.

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Morton’s Metatarsalgia Physiotherapy measures

  • Measures to relieve pain this can be done by appropriate thermotherapy
  • Measures to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the foot: this can be done by following method:

ü Toe curling exercises in warm water

ü Foot cupping exercises

ü Gripping a piece of cloth with the foot

  • Measures for walking: walking on the outer border of the foot. Curling the toes and actively holding it while walking on the outer border of the foot helps considerably.

Supportive measures: providing metatarsal bars in the sole of the footwear to relieve pressure over the metatarsal heads.

Avoiding high heeled footwear’s and using soft cushions within the shoes helps.

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