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MUFA Your Way to A Flat Belly!

Updated on December 2, 2010

MUFA stands for monounsaturated fatty acids. It occurs in certain food groups like olives, avocados, nuts and seeds. It is all the craze now as studies revealed that MUFA brings down bad cholesterol in the body as it increases the good cholesterol. It also positively impact two of the most important body concerns people have about their body, losing fat and maintaining a healthy heart. It also helps in preventing other dreaded diseases including stroke, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Many have incorporated MUFA into their daily food intake and swear by its effectiveness in flattening the belly. If you need more reasons to increase you MUFA intake, then read on.

The selection of foods that have high MUFA content is really not bad. A lot of people actually have some of the stuff in their regular diet and are probably benefiting from the good impact of MUFA without them knowing. For starters, dark chocolate is way up the list, so is peanut butter, soy beans, avocado, flax seeds, sun flower seeds, peanuts, almonds, olive oil and olives.

Again, not a bad group. But moderation is key, you cannot go crazy on these foods and consume them in excess for they are, afterall, still fats even if they are the good type. Besides, the goal is not to replace all the food you eat with MUFA. What is ideal is to have MUFA present in your meals, and of course it has to be in moderation. Keep your portions in check!

If you are a calorie counter and you stick to the four-meal-a-day diet you still have to keep your calories per meal below 500 or just at 400 to be exact. You must never stop eating your fruits and veggies as well as your carbs and proteins. Proponents of the MUFA diet claims that it can help remove belly fat without the help of crunches or other forms of exercise, but why would you want to stop working out if you have been steadily doing it in the first place?

The Good in MUFA

MUFA is believed to be more effective than the very popular low-fat and low-carbs diet

When studied with other foods that have been identified to lower down the body's cholesterol such as soluble fiber and plant sterols, MUFA seemed to be the better alternative. If fact it is found to have the same effect on the body as statins or the drugs prescribed for health problems.

While MUFA is not the miracle that can remove belly fat instantly, having it in your diet can actually speed up the removal of body fat especially in the mid-section where they alway seem to converge. People just have to remember the golden rule in diet and exercise, they must put out more calories than they consume.

How to Eat MUFA

Use olive oil or canola oil when frying you food. Eat a portion of a dark chocolate bar and not the entire bar. Add avocado slices to your sandwiches. Snack on half a cup of nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds or olives. They key is learning to incorporate MUFA into your meals. If you master this, then you are helping yourself to a healthier life.


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      Monie Maunay 7 years ago from manila, philippines

      hehehe thanks for dropping buddy!

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      quicksand 7 years ago

      I alread have a flat belly but I shall help myself to some of the delicacies that you have mentioned up there!