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Updated on February 8, 2013

Some things to take into consideration

I am 5"5'. You may be taller or shorter, well probably taller, therefore your strides will be longer. So please adjust the speed accordingly.

I generally warm up for a few minutes with a fast walk then start jogging at 6 mph. I generally stay in the 6.5 to 7.5 range most of the time, but like to add a few interval sprints. Your fitness and endurance level may be different than mine. You may be an avid runner or you may be just starting out. The main thing is that it is fun to find new ways to motivate yourself. Changing up your fitness routine and listening to a new playlist can keep your routine from getting boring. Keep in mind that I have picked a few songs purely for their beat, not melody or words. You may not initially be that into a particular song, but trust me on this, it works. Think of the music as a tool, not a distraction! This playlist is just over an hour long, but that doesn't mean you have to complete the full hour. Also, you do not have to go from the slowest pace to the fastest. Mix it up, interval training burns fat and improves endurance.

Remember to breathe

If you are not breathing properly, then you could be throwing off the whole rhythm of your run! At the beginning of every run I tell myself "You are a machine." This may seem silly, but I think of myself like a well oiled machine, that moves with a purposeful, steady motion. I can feel the beat in my bones, joints, and core. My breathing is also smooth and steady and in time with my pace and the music. I breath in and I breath out in an even rhythm. It is amazing how much longer and faster you can run just by controlling your breathing.

Treadmill Calculations

4.0 MPH= 15 minute mile

5.0 MPH= 12 minute mile

6.0 MPH= 10 minute mile

7.0 MPH= 8.35 minute mile

8.0 MPH= 7.30 minute mile

9.0MPH= 6.40 minute mile

You can look up the full conversion chart on Hillrunner's site:

The Playlist

3.5 MPH

David Guetta featurinf Kid Cudi-Memories


Paul Oakenfold featuring Brittany Murphy- Faster Kill Pussycat

Stephano- I'm on a Roll

5.2 MPH

Pink-Are we all we are

5.5 MPH

David Guette featuring Crystal Nicole &Tyrese Gibson- I'm a machine


Marc Broussard- Home

6.2 MPH

Fatboy Slim- Wonderful night

6.5 MPH featuring Britney Spears- Scream and shout

Chris Willis and David Guetta- Love is gone

Rihanna featuring Jay-Z- Talk that talk

Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx- Gold digger

6.7 MPH

Kevin Rudolph & Lil Wayne- Let it rock


Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize

B.O.B featuring Rivers Cuomo-Magic

Kanye West- Stronger

Cazzette radio edit- Believe it

7.2 MPH

Rudimental featuring John Newman Feel the love

Lindsey Stirling- Minimal Beat


Chani featuring J Rae- Imma be workout mix


Bruno Mars- Runaway Baby

Muse- Hysteria

8.5 MPH

DJ Shocker- Pumped up kicks DJ shocker remix

9 MPH to 11MPH

The Veronicas- Untouched

(I have yet to find another song that I can run to at this speed, so this is my GO TO sprint song.)

I purchase my music on ITunes. Because it is legal and affordable. Most songs are $1.29.


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