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Love & Gratitude for Magical Water

Updated on July 9, 2013

Image of magical Water



A small adventure beginning with a tiny little water crystal has spread to people all over the world, creating a growing movement. Hearts have been opened, and love, gratitude, and a hope for peace have spilled out, opening the way for a new adventure.” Dr Masaru Emoto, Japan.

I was once read and excerpt about water in my meditation class, we looked at the pictures of Dr Masaru Emoto from Japan, the water crystals that were done all over the world with using words like LOVE and GRATITUDE. We then later did a meditation near the lake where I live, we sat on the grass on the water edge of one of my groups houses. We meditated on water crystals, we are all connected to water, with our bodies being 90% water in itself. The world can not survive without water really, water is the beginning and the end for us.

I always try and remember to think love and gratitude when in the shower even or when I take a sip of water, making tea, it is almost like blessing the water you are about to drink.

Recently I found a book of Doreen Virtue, who I call the angel lady, “Goddesses & Angels, it looked like a book I would not normally buy, something told me to get. It is a very interesting book, where she goes to Lourdes in France, how she feels called to go there, about Bernadette, strangely enough my second name is Bernadette as well. She gets to meet Dr Emoto, she talks about it at the end of the book, they use a translating machine. Dr Emoto was in San Diego to do a talk at the University of California, she arranges to meet him. Doreen Virtue asks about how all the water crystals have 6 points, it is the best shape to generate energy, it is like the Star of David. They also talked about the photos of the water crystals in Lourdes and the angel crystals looked similar. Dr Emoto said the first healing at Lourdes was from Mary and she is connected with angels. He also had an amazing image of a water crystals that had been showed a picture of a dolphin, the inside of the water crystal is striking, he said it looked like a pineal gland (third eye). He said its like an antenna our pineal gland, he said dolphins still use there antenna accurately we are simply insensitive, we could use it.

Dr Masaru Emoto has written several books:
The Hidden Messages in Water

The True Power of Water

The Secret Life of Water

I was loaned a movie on water from a friend, about these Russian scientist that did experiments as well, they also talk to Dr Emoto in this movie. They go to this remote place in Venezuela where the only original source of water is, it his a steep climb, quite remote. When they get there it is like rain, a spray of water like a waterfall almost. They also do experiments on a women at different times of the day, they take water into a Greek Orthodox church, how being in a holy place the water is transformed as well.

Dr Emoto told Doreen that love and gratitude are very powerful, those two vibrations creates the best and most beautiful water crystals. He also said that water will be a more critical factor in the future. Reduce pollution through prayer.

In his book The Secret Life of Water, Dr Emoto talks about Hado medicine, he says that all illness vibrate at unique frequency. He mentions about the liver, that person will have anger issues, that both anger and liver have the same wavelength, they are in tune with each other., sadness is in tune with the blood, irritability damages the nervous system.

He talks about flower essences as one ancient method of healing, where Hado medicine was able to follow on this.

Homeopathy is a form of vibration based medicine, using vibrational water, like cures like.

Video Clip on Water

About crystals from water

Which 2 words create beautiful crystals from water

See results

Hellen Keller and Water

I found this particularly interesting about Hellen Keller and water, from her book and from her teachers book. How the word water changed her life, feeling it awakened something in her.

Helen Keller, The Story of my life.

“We walked down the path to the well-house, attracted by the fragrance of the honeysuckle with which it was covered. Someone was drawing water and my teacher place my hand under the spout. As the cool stream gushed over one hand she spelled into the other the word “w-a-t-e-r”, first slowly then rapidly. I stood still, my whole attention fixed upon the motion of the fingers.

Suddenly I felt a misty consciousness as of something forgotten – a thrill of returning thought; and somehow the mystery of language was revealed to me. I knew that the “w-a-t-e-r” meant the wonderful cool something that was flowing over my hand. That living word awakened my soul, gave it light, hope, joy, set it free! There were barriers still, it is true, but barriers that could in time be swept away. I left the well-house eager to learn. Everything had a name, and each name gave birth to a new thought. As we returned to the house every object which I touched seemed to quiver with life.”

Quote from Anne Sullivan Macy by Nella Braddy about Hellen Keller ( the girl that was deaf and dumb)

“We went to the pump-house, and I made Helen hold her mug under the spout while I pumped. As the cold water gushed forth, filling the mug, I spelled “w-a-t-e-r” in Helen's free hand. The word coming so close upon the sensation of cold water rushing over her hand seemed to startle her. She dropped the mug and stood as one transfixed. A new light came into her face. She spelled “water” several times. All the way back to the house she was highly excited, and learned the name of every subject she touched, in a few hours she had added thirty new words to her vocabulary.”

Movies, Applications, Cards on Water

Dewdrops on a Rose

Rose with dewdrops on, forms of water
Rose with dewdrops on, forms of water | Source


“Water, still water, reflects the light of wisdom. Many Buddhist paths follow this – water's quality of reflecting the light of wisdom.”

Look at a glass of water in front of you.

  1. It is clear, visible right through.

  2. Water fills glass and take shape of glass.

  3. If you spill a drop, it forms on the floor.

  4. Water adapts to any shape, whether a glass, syringe, bathtub, sewage pipe, river or ocean.

  5. Takes the form which limits it.

What if I drink the glass of water?

  • It becomes part of me.

  • I become the container, as it fills my veins and cells.

  • I sweat, my lungs absorb and give out moisture.

Water inside your body

  • It is not pure, it adapts it shape but needs a host as well.

  • It carries, absorbs lots of foreign chemicals of iron, nutrients and minerals. It then becomes blood, lymph or bile.

  • It carries medicines, in equanimity, not effecting its true nature.

A raindrop surrenders to life it becomes a pool, it still stays still water.

A dewdrop surrenders and becomes the sap of a tree, it still remains water.

Water in a steam engine evaporates it also remains water still.

Water always looks to merge with a larger version of what it is, the long journey of water is, one drop merging with another, one river merges with another and at the end of the day becomes the ocean. Water gives up its separate identity, this drives to merge could be the secret to why the confluences of rivers are held sacred in India and other cultures.

How water starts its life, say you got a stream, animals visit it to drink water from, host itself in a body of a bird, elephant, whosoever drinketh from its water, the stream then becomes a river, the river pours into the ocean, then it evaporates to form clouds, then those clouds drop as rain, absorbing into the earth, going deep into Mother earth then emerges again. It is one continuous cycle of life, serving life itself. We are all born to serve, serving God, the creator in some way or other, to give back in life.

Dr Emoto on the Power of Words by a prayer to water

  • offering prayer in the past tense, for example “My mothers cancer was cured.”

  • have a strong image of the final result, healed.

  • Repeat prayer with strong words, water will naturally help you.

  • You could use a glass of water, or if you have a stream, river, the ocean nearby, a swimming pool.

  • Love and Gratitude according to Dr Emoto, is the magic words to use.

  • Talk to the water, shake the water if in bottle.

  • If you want success talk to the water in the past tens, “I was successful at …..” see the image of yourself doing whatever it was you wanted to be successful at.

    “However Long the Journey of water is, in the end, one drop merges with another, one river merges with another an ultimately the river becomes the ocean.”


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