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Magnesium And The Old Lady

Updated on March 28, 2012

Ms. Clara

First let me begin by saying this is really a true story about a young lady I have known for some years now. I say she is a young lady because to watch her swiftly move about you would declare she's no older than 50. For the sake of keeping her identify confidential I will call her Ms. Clara. Ms. Clara is 77 years young! She has been a member at our local church for the past 20 odd years. It first began when a little buzz started amongst the member as to what was going on with Ms. Clara. She went from your every ordinary person to this lady who was pumped up full of energy. For I really did not notice until this year because are still talking about Ms. Clara, and the fact I was not around her on a consistent bases the way I am now. What really got my attention was one Sunday I came in after service had already started, and the doors were closed. Parishioners were standing waiting for the ushers to open the doors to go in. It just so happen I was standing behind Ms. Clara. When the doors opened she took off walking down the isle as if a bolt of lighting struck her skirt tail. I was thinking "what the heck", I could not believe it!


It still makes me laugh, when I think about Ms. Clara, zipping around like a spinning top! All the members were asking one another what in the world is she taking that's giving her so much energy. This when on for a long time, and no one was brave enough to ask Ms. Clara. I asked my mother just ask her she is a friend of yours. I kid you not Ms. Clara is the talk of the congregation, and she never seem to get tired. My mother did call her, and ask what type of supplements she take. Ms. Clara said she only takes Cal-Mag. I was surprised to hear that! I was expecting some super supplement cocktail.

Of course some people are just naturally full of energy, Ms. Clara started feeling sluggish, and some suggested she try Cal-Mag. At one point years ago I remember taking Cal-Mag, I remember it giving me a great night sleep. I took it right before I went to bed, and off to sleep I went.

Why or how Cal-Mag gives Ms. Clara energy I can not explain, but she sure has created a stir among her friends.    Another Senior member stated she was going to try Cal-Mag perhaps I will do a follow up hub to share her results.

Disclaimer all supplements have different affects for different individuals.  This article does not claim the same results will apply.  Before taking any supplements discuss with your physician.


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  • Sandyspider profile image

    Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

    It is good to keep up with proper nutrition. Nice share.